Healthcare Reform Anyone?


Just a week ago, about twenty community leaders and former Democracia U.S.A. canvassers gathered to discuss healthcare reform. In their faces one could see the excitement of being together for the first time this year after having registered over 44,000 voters in South Florida for the 2008 presidential elections. They looked at one another as if they knew there were many challenges lying ahead of them. They are certainly right.

“It’s not only about getting people out to vote” Fabiola Fuminaya, a Democracia U.S.A. Field Captian said. She continued “it’s about making them understand that participation must be permanent…I mean, we can’t expect things to improve by themselves. It is us, who have to voice our needs, as a community- we can’t do it alone”

And so with that statement we opened our conversation about healthcare reform. In a country in which at least 47 million people have no insurance, and eighteen thousand die as a result, our canvassers couldn’t help but passionately debate the best solution for America for them as residents of this country, and their sometimes displeasing  interactions with the healthcare system.

Luckily, Democracia U.S.A. is organizing, encouraging, and documenting community gatherings in Hispanic communities through different states and  working to voice their needs to the administration which will govern our country in the next four years.

Statements like “affordable healthcare, complete coverage, and inclusion regardless of medical or legal condition, and a government which acts like it’s protecting us” came out repeatedly in the conversation. Here in Southern Florida we are convinced that with hard work and community involvement these statements will transcend dreams and become a reality.

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