The Real New Year’s Celebration

Yesterday was the official inauguration of our 44th President of the United States and never before have I witnessed or felt such energy spread throughout the country. It was not only magical to see the over 1.2 million people flooding the city of Washington D.C., but monumental to capture the faces of white, black and brown Americans crying, laughing, and shouting praises of joy.

I enjoyed his speech because he did not over do it. And by that I mean, Barack told the American people: there is a lot of work to do, it won’t be easy, but we will get through it. There weren’t too many stand out quotes, and I think he did that for a reason. In his message he wanted to lay the foundations for a lingering agenda, not one that is here today and gone tomorrow. No single quote did he want to resonate with the body of the American people, it was the entirety of his message that he wanted to reach the gut. And he did just that.

I watched some of the inaugural balls last night on ABC and MSNBC and how beautiful Michelle and Barack looked. Tired as he was, Barack still delivered at each ball a sweet speech and then romantically danced with his wife. His sense of humor was on point and I remembered why I fell in love with this man. His poise, confidence, humility and sheer humbleness really struck me last night as I watched a nation of celebrities, politicians, businessmen, military officers, and just regular ol’ folk come together and celebrate.

I also caught on the 11 o’ clock news various ways the locals here in Miami were celebrating. Little Haiti held various block parties, Ft. Lauderdale erupted in tears of joy, the Fontainebleau hotel had a gala. People of all walks of life seemingly came together to celebrate for the same reasons yesterday. It was as if this was the real new year’s celebration. A dawning of a new day and new year was amidst our excited energy.

I hope that the momentum will continue to barrel in the direction of positive changes for the people of this nation, but that is contingent on how hard we the people are willing to work. Quality health care, affordable housing, new jobs, all intricate parts of the agenda to bring needed change to the stitch work of American society. Big cups of coffee at work for Obama today, but let’s get the job done!

– Jules P. 


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