New York Times vs. O’Reilly: Round 1

On Monday, Bill O’ Reilly declared “war” on the New York Times.  It is no surprise that these two entities, coming from different ends of the socio-political spectrum would clash with one another.  The entire discussion itself revolved around immigration, and racism is the ugly theme that underlies the situation.


While news outlets like the New York Times take a leftist, progressive outlook on immigration, our country seems to be split on this controversial issue, hence, O’ Reilly and the Fox news network retaining an audience of overtly oppositional supporters of anti-immigration legislation.  


What I recognize as it pertains to the discussions of immigration is the hegemonic white Christian right wing powers perceiving immigrants as an invasion of their “public space”.  Is it that Bill O’ Reilly and the supporters of his paradigm are in fear of what immigration would mean to their socio-political cohorts?  That very fear the right wing conservatives have of immigrants flooding America’s social programs perhaps feeds into their opposition of legislation to support friendly immigration infusion in the United States.  Immigration challenges the

very foundation of right wing conservative powers, and perhaps O’Reilly’s inverted reality is what paints his often negative picture that immigrant Latino’s are wrong-doing.  It is that very racism, that soaks through the messages of Bill O’ Reilly and his followers, that the New York Times has called the right wing conservatives and Nativists out on, that continues to add fuel to the fire.


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