Obama’s Ft. Myer Town Hall Meeting

The big day started. President Barack Obama was visiting Florida. Only a couple of hours away from Miami, Fort Myers was the location elected by him to speak about economic recovery and his stimulus package. As it is known, Fort Myers is the city with the highest rate of foreclosures in the US and thus, one of the places whose communities expect the most out of this package.

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Democracia Ahora canvassers, staff, and interns arrived to the Fort Myers Town Hall at 9:30 am. The event didn’t start until noon but we were all ready to leave our office at 5:30 am. One could feel the excitement in the atmosphere. One of our canvassers even said “I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the work I did with Democracia…to be invited by the White House…I wouldn’t have ever dreamt about it”

It is a source of pride for us to, indeed, to have been invited by the White House for the Voter Registration and Get Out to Vote campaigns we had conducted in 2008. It was memorable for us to have participated in the writing of history in the past elections -we registered over 44,000 people to vote- and to keep participating in this country’s civic life. After all, that is what our mission is: to increase Hispanics’ participation in American society. Our visit to Fort Myers was a tribute to Democracia’s core values.  

-Sandra Urquiza


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