Dos Manzanas al dia: Obama’s CHIP and Modernized Health Care

Click here to view the clip.


Part of the Obama Administration plan is to modernize the health care system, in particular by instituting an electronic database to hold all patient records, and it was only a few days ago that CHIP was re affirmed by Congress.  These moves result in beneficial outcomes within varying Hispanic communities, mostly in that it provides more access for better healthcare.  A substantial part of the Latino community come to live in the United States as first generational and/or low income wage earners, facing widening health care concerns, ranging from a lack of insurance, to a shortage of Spanish-speaking health care workers and quality health care.  From the urban landscapes to rural communities, these various measures may provide some relief to the expanding problems that minority communities face as it relates to proper health care.   It is most relevant that as the Latino population grows in the country, so do the concerns of being able to attain and sustain an appropriate quality of life through the means of proper and efficient medical care.  The resigning of this bill, and potential implementation of modernized health care not only provides the option of access, but represents an awakening to those communities who may never had access to it before.  What perhaps will be explored in upcoming months, is how these revamped mandates within hospital care will be sensitive to the diversity of  health issues that under represented communities face in this country.  Will this bill take into account the state of mental health issues as well as physical health issues within the Latino community?  Will electronic medical histories be available in lower income area hospitals?  These may be the catalysts in addressing affordable healthcare across the board in the Latino community, and Obama has jump started the Latino effort in becoming a viable, thriving, healthy community within the United States.


-Jules P.


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