In this video clip George Lopez is riffing at last month’s Latino Inaugural Gala that the next President in 2016 “will be Latino.” While that stirred the crowd of Hispanic political geeks and DC insiders into a frenzy, your folks in the barrio would probably wonder if that is a real possibility.

There are a few ways to answer that question. After the election of an African-American President, it’s logical to believe that anything is possible after such a paradigm shift. Another perspective would beg the question “well, if so, then who?”

You could fit the number of Latino politicos who have been elected to a statewide office with a national profile in a telephone booth.  The second tier of Hispanic elected officials like Congressman Xavier Becerra,   Texas State Representatives Jessica Farrar or Rafael Anchia, or Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio would need to win a state office in the next several years to have the clout to even ponder the boldest of quests.

And of course, there is the new generation of younger Latinos, college activists or my little cousins Marcus and Corrin, which are living a life where a President of color is par for the course and may even have been inspired by this last Presidential cycle. From their ranks, will likely emerge the person that would ascend to the highest office in the land and make our abuelas oh so very proud.

–Rafael Collazo


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