Dos manzanas por dia: Getting the Facts on Immigrant Health

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The article posted above is quasi advertisement, mostly propaganda.  The host of this site is claiming that illegal immigrants bring in a plethora of diseases into the United States.  I contacted some doctors at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for a medical point of view.


The author of the report, Dr. Douglass, sounds like he has a political agenda, namely to decrease and/or stop the flow of illegal aliens into the US.  Putting the merits of that political/philosophical argument aside, there are some legitimate health issues that arise with both legal and illegal immigrants who enter the US. 

The Department of Family & Community Medicine at Jefferson has one of the best (and only) University Hospital based, residency-based, refugee health clinics in the entire country (another very good one at the University of Minnesota).  Dr. Marc Altshuler runs this program, attempting to help refugees, often times a group that are often poor, ill, in need and disadvantaged (although not always).


According to Dr. Altshuler,  there is no question that HIV, TB, and a variety of other infectious diseases, as well as a certain degree of substance abuse, occurs in disenfranchised populations, but this does not always mean these populations are to blame for a societal drain on our health care system. 


“There have been many proven studies showing that immigrants are not a drain on our healthcare system, and in the long run, their health care expenditures are lower than ours,” said Dr. Altshuler.


In a sense, however, the observations of Dr. Douglass sort of miss the entire point:  What kind of society do we wish to have?  Open?  Closed?  What does the answer to that question tell us about ourselves?  Can we not structure a health system that is compassionate, efficient and targets these health issues?  I think the Obama administration may be better equipped to deal with some of the fallout from these questions but we will see.


-Jules P.


Some interesting articles to read on Immigration and Health provided by Dr. Altshuler:


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