Secretary Solis

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It is officially confirmed: We have a Latina Cabinet Secretary.  Hilda Solis was just sworn in today as President Obama’s Secretary of Labor.   Solis received a wealth of support from organizations like SEIU (Service Employees International Union) and from over 10,000 people within the labor force towards the drive of her nomination and ultimate victory.  

Solis, whose political record has a long history within the United States government, found her inspiration within a family of union workers. She is not far removed from the concerns and conditions of the American work force. It is perhaps with this background that Solis has seemingly never really left her roots for the fight of equal labor rights for low wage workers, much of whom are people of color and women. As a representative of California within politics, Solis, the daughter of Nicaraguan and Mexican immigrant parents, has truly become a representative of not only the Latino/a community, but to all under the labor and work force constituencies.

As it relates, the Obama Administration’s pick of Solis signifies yet again, more progressive strategies within the body of the American government.

-Jules P.

Hilda Solis

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