Standing Up for Rita “Fany” Cote

Yesterday, Democracia USA joined various organizations to support thep1050090 fight of Rita “Fany” Cote and her family to free her from her unwarranted and unjust detention. After being held unlawfully for over a week in the Lake County jail, this law abiding Honduran mother of three US citizens has been take to ICE custody in Brevard County. Lawyers from the ACLU and the Farmworkers Association of Florida are working together to get her freed and on the road to a adjustment of status. After speaking with the family in their home yesterday, Democracia USA stood with the family in front of the offices of ICE to bring attention to their struggle for justice in this broken system.

-Roberto Cancel

(Pictured: the sons of Rita Cote)


5 Responses to Standing Up for Rita “Fany” Cote

  1. jackie @ av says:

    that picture pretty much sums it up…

    great post

  2. jorge says:

    Nice job, Roberto! Way to go.

  3. Aguayo says:

    Get real she broke the law by entering the US illegally.

  4. Illegal Alien says:

    Those three citizens would not be here if she were law abiding.

  5. Hick says:

    Deport her, her anchor babies and while they’re at it deport her anchor US citizen HUSBAND as well!

    Send her back and make her go through the legal process like everybody else, if she’s lucky she’ll see her anchor kids again in 10 years.

    The husband can quit his job and go on welfare for all I care.

    We really need immigration reform, anchor babies should be stripped of their citizenship as well as anchor husbands and wives, screw the constitution.

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