Our responsibility

This afternoon the entire Democracia USA delegation to PowerShift 09 met for a group meeting. The meeting was excellent.

I know that our young Latinos are an excellent group and that all of them are very talented but watching and listening to them today was incredible and inspiring.

One by one they explained why they were there and how much they cared for the environment and for their communities. During an exercise that Janice facilitated they expressed all the hopes and dreams they have for their future and for their communities. But they didn’t stop at that they also talked about how they are taking it upon themselves to move our movement and our people forward.

I was impressed and motivated by them. The leadership and commitment they have shown this weekend makes my heart pound and my hopes for the future be that much greater.

We, Democracia USA, have a responsability to continue to provide these wonderful and talented youth with opportunities like this one.

What an amazing group we have!

Go go, Democracia USA!

Luis Cerros, National Field Manager, Democracia USA


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