Green is the New Black

When I woke up this morning I asked myself what I had done wrong to deserve such as cold weather. Is it normal to freeze in Florida? Later, as I tried to sleep in a cold apartment, I asked my sister why is that many houses don’t have heating, to which she answered that Miami is not ready for the wave of low temperatures we are facing now. Is this a sporadic phenomenon or we ourselves have caused this environmental crisis?

All the thousands or articles written about this issue will never be enough until a common goal is achieved: to raise awareness about the importance of the environmental crisis and how it’s affecting our lungs and our pockets. So far, the environmental discourse has appeared to appeal to elite classes only: it’s the elite that can afford to buy Priuses and installing solar panels at home. Today, this reality must change. The new industries must create opportunities for low-income workers, the solution must include everyone. Green jobs offer a solution and are an opportunity for America to get started on solving its economic and environmental crisis.

A green job contributes directly to pursuing or enhancing the environmental quality. These jobs require more education for the people because they need to acquire new skills in order to perform a green job. As a part of American society, we have the chance of pushing policies that support this kind of education so workers with low and moderate income have access to those jobs bringing advancement in the future. Green workers can, among other things, install solar panels, convert energy-inefficient buildings into efficient ones, refine waste oil into biodiesel, erect wind farms, repair hybrid cars, build green rooftops, etc.

We must create new markets, industries, and workforce that rid America from its pollution-based economy. Our youth deserves the opportunity to be a part of a promising future. We must join efforts into expanding green practices in our local communities. We must save our one and only home: earth.

In a world where future generations’ survival is at stake, it is our responsibility as human beings to respect their right to a healthy life. Act now, the ball is on your court.


Daniela Urquiza 

Democracia USA intern

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