Sherriff Joe is Feeling the Heat!

Sherrif Joe Arpaio, feeling the pressure from last week’s protest and a new investigation from the new homeland security folks under President Obama, has decided that he will discontinue to be part of the 287g areement with ICE –  the 287g areement allowed law enforcement agencies to sign agreements with ICE to make arrest of violent criminal who happened to be undocumented.

Sherrif Arpaio used the law to profile Latinos and to make stops for simple violations from crack windsheilds to broken tail lights.  He also expanded his authority – making raids into Latino Communities all over the Valley of the Sun. Our problems will continue as Arizona has pass some laws that allow Sherrif Joe to continue his harrassment, We need to change the Legislature to Change Arizona for the BETTER.

-Alonzo Morado


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