Dos Manzanas Por Dia: HIV/AIDS, Latino’s and the Catholic Church

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The Hispanic population has rates of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS, disproportionately higher than their White peers.  And, STD’s are more likely to be transmitted through practicing unsafe sex (not using a condom).  

According to the this editorial article, entitled “Commentary: Pope Wrong on Condoms”,  Roland S. Martin says the Black church should have stepped up its support to fight  HIV/AIDS, and also, that the Catholic Church has not entirely examined the reality of the disease.  

As it relates to the African-American population, the Latin and Latin American communities place high amounts of faith in religious sectors.  Is there also a need to step up the support to fight HIV/AIDS, as well as call out the Catholic Church on its unwavering stance on birth control?

Pope Benedict XVI condemns the use of condoms, Martin says.  The Catholic Church has long been opposed to the use of condoms in part because in supporting there would be a message that sex prior to marriage is in fact okay.  Many Hispanic communities follow the Catholic Church’s lead, some more intensely than others, yet it is a very existent religious force within the Latino culture. 

If a religion is as much a part of the culture, yet the potential health risks contracted from not using certain types of birth control not only affect the culture, but are condemned by the religion, is there a lack of understanding the religion has of the culture? 

-Jules P.




One Response to Dos Manzanas Por Dia: HIV/AIDS, Latino’s and the Catholic Church

  1. The Pope has pointed out that the distribution of condoms in Africa has not worked as an effective AIDs control policy and economists and Harvard professors have proven him right.

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