Democracia USA welcomes Luis Gutierrez to South Florida

This afternoon over forty canvassers traveled to Homestead to welcome Illinois representative, and champion for immigration reform, Luis Gutierrez. Not less than six months ago, these people had encouraged thousands of Latinos to go out and vote in the elections. Today, they stepped out to advocate for our community once more:  “fair and humane immigration  reform” they chanted while they held “families unitied” signs.

Many organizations showed up to the event: Miami en Accion, FLIC, We Count! SWER, amongst others. Our State Representatives Mario Diaz Balart, Lincoln Diaz Balart, Kendrick Meek, and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen also assisted to show their support for immigration policy that saw immigrants as part of the solution to the this country, not of the problem.

While it was forecasted that this day was going to be a rainy one, Reverend Samuel Pagan stated ” God knows that humanity has gathered today to achieve great things, so that is why he blessed us with a sunny day”

The event was a touching one, for it showed that South Florida  doesn’t mind about parties, nor languages, nor cultures when it comes to defend families and humane policies: all of the diverse communities gathered together to achieve that cause.


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