Family Unity Tour Comes to Philly

I was able to attend this past Saturday’s Family Unity tour stop in Philadelphia, led by keynote address of Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez. It was an interesting personal experience to attend an event that mirrored a Hispanic Evangelical church service as well as moving to hear the testimonies of wives, mothers and students whose lives have been affected by our broken immigration system. The first video shows Congressman Gutierrez speaking on need for Federal Government to stop the raids and the separation of families:


The next video is of a young woman who is reading the testimony of an anonyous friend. Her friend is an excellent student but fears she will not have an opportunity to attend college or, worse yet, be separated from her family due to deportation:

Although the audience was diverse, the large support of local and national Puerto Rican leaders in attendance speaks further to the much more united Latino political electorate than often times, is portrayed. Immigration is an issue of importance to all of us, no matter where we came from and how long we have been here.

– Rafael Collazo

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