“What part of illegal don’t you understand?”

Last Sunday, a reporter with The Arizona Republic published an article confronting all those who pose the question “what part of illegal don’t you understand,” which is frequently asked of him via comments in response to his publications.  Having publicly supported the Dream Act in previous articles, E. J. Montini finally reached his limit on ignorance when he decided to answer this question.  Indeed, he provided four answers.  Below is a summation of what he stated.


1.      He doesn’t understand how it is illegal to grant someone, who has lived here since infancy and graduated with honors from high school, the ability to pursue higher education.  This is particularly true, considering we often times recruit people from other countries!

2.      He doesn’t understand why politicians almost never listen to experienced educators, who can prove the benefits of allowing brilliant immigrant youth to continue their studies.

3.      He doesn’t understand how the term illegal applies to children that moved here involuntarily too early in their lives, when in fact we spend an average of $70,000 in providing education for these children from kindergarten through high school.

4.      He doesn’t understand how using such a term as illegal is fair – when it applies to both true criminals and over-achieving, dedicated students. 


As a community, we should all commend Montini for his honesty and accuracy!

– Marianne Peterson


One Response to “What part of illegal don’t you understand?”

  1. Rosa V says:

    Reading that made me believe that it is a hope because people like this reporter. My daughter is living a nightmare today. Even she was granted with an scholarship since she was in 5th grade it only cover the instate tuition.She was accepted @ U of A in the Architecture program, but because we are not permanent resident yet ( we applied for the 245 prop in 2001, we are approved but still waiting for the final proccess), the university told her that she has to pay outstate student tuition (12,000 more). I work, we both have ss, so I pay taxes like any other citizen, but as a single mom and with a low income I’m not able to help her) It seems like they want to keep our kids unable to pursue their dreams. She is outstanding student and a very compasionate person. She do voluntary work almost every week. She cry every day for this situation…it’s not fare!

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