Immigrants to blame for an epidemic?

It appears that traditionally right-winged media personalities have really lost it this time. They have a long record of using national catastrophes as reasoning for xenophobic and discriminatory behavior, but the latest claim is ridiculous enough to make anyone wonder how it is that they come to such conclusions. Yesterday, the Huffington Post confirmed that conservatives are now blaming the outbreak of the swine epidemic entirely on the backs of, whom else but, undocumented Mexican immigrants. Better yet, some of them even claim that these immigrants are maliciously plotting against the United States, and this is just a way for them to exert their conspiracy upon American society.

Never mind that the first cases were from American students in New York that had just returned from a trip to Mexico. Never mind that even the Center for Disease Control confirmed that individuals traveling to Mexico were to blame for the spread of the flu and not the other way around. What do those silly scientists know about the politics of diseases anyway? Who needs them when you have Michelle Malkin and the like deciding the anthropology of medicine?

– Marianne Peterson

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