A Growing Nation of Leaders: Part 2

One of the great things about Democracia’s Leadership Academies is that we are developing a broad spectrum of emerging Hispanic leaders from across the country. By actively engaging Latinos on a door to door, grassroots level in civic engagement, Democracia is constantly unearthing local leadership talent, no matter their personal backgrounds.

The first young man highlighted in this video blog is Joseph Lazzu, a participant in the Philadelphia Leadership Academy. Since arriving to North Philadelphia from his native Guayama, Puerto Rico, Joseph had not been given opportunities to work on his passion for community development. Democracia USA has provided Joseph the vehicle to develop his interest in public service and grow his own “personal power.” I am so proud of Joseph for perservering through his past struggles to become one of Democracia’s top canvassers and most engaged Academy participants. Mayor Lazzu has a nice ring to it.

Luis Arturo Lopez will one day be the Governor of Nevada. He has incorporated real life experience in community organizing with Democracia USA into his college schedule. Luis’ enthusiasm for the Academy and Democracia’s work is evident in this video and during everyone of my visits to the Las Vegas office.

I look forward to following the careers of Joseph and Luis Arturo as they grow within Democracia and beyond.


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