Back in Business

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The swine flu seemingly takes physical and psychological toll within communities throughout the world.  Why?  Many discriminatory practices surface as a result of the swine flu’s epicenter in Mexico.  Many communities are fearful of the virus and connect Mexican communities to the spreading of the disease.  Interestingly enough, these very same communities may forget the regular flu kills thousands every year, and while this flu strain has taken on the genetic code of a pig, it is still the flu.  Latent and blatant fears of Mexicans are now present in the every day treatment of the Mexican people, within the United States as well as within other countries.  

Among the fears were Chinese and Haitian governments.   The Mexican government, with regards to the Haitian’s turning away a ship with food and aid, fears the decision of the Haitian government was made from misinformation and ignorance.   Mexicans traveling in China were treated like out-siders, without good reason.

 Business within the Mexico will re open Thursday after being closed for a week, due to the virus.  People are slowly recovering physically, but those sick with the virus or not- will they recover from the stigma now being attached to the Mexican people? 

 -Jules P.


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