The “Stars are Aligned” for Healthcare–Well, Let’s Get To It

There is a lot of talk about healthcare reform, Medicaid, Medi-care,
pharmaceutical, insurance companies.  And President Obama has now
discussed healthcare as a major item for the 3rd day in the
row–apparently he means business.  And now so should we, precisely
because there is a lot of talk out there–too much talk.  Major players
are saying that 2 trillion dollars are going to be saved over the next
10 years.  That is fantastic.  There is a lot of support among the big
companies (insurance, healthcare systems, and pharmaceuticals) that
it’s time to reform healthcare.  That is great news.  Major newspaper
editorials around the country are supporting healthcare reform.  That
is stellar.  But aren’t we missing a bigger point?  Where are the
people?  Where is there an opportunity for Hispanic voices to be
heard?  The insured, the uninsured, and others with a lack of access
to healthcare, where is their voice in all these discussions (beyond a
few, well-meaning consumer advocacy and community groups)?   We can
save trillions in healthcare streamlining and efficiency and speed
things along with big corporation buy-in into healthcare, but we are
missing the big picture.  Healthcare should be seen as a major
investment into our communities for now and generations to come.
Healthy children mean happy and stable families.  Happy, healthy
families foment productive employees.  Productive employees keep a
country up and running.  And our gross domestic happiness and health
index (GDHH) goes through roof.  It’s not only simple and elemental
economics 101 but a human right that Hispanics, Latinos, and everyone
are entitled to.
Rudi E. Navarra

National Program Coordinator
Democracia U.S.A. /  Democracia Ahora
Voter Empowerment │Leadership Training │Community Organizing

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