Latinas, High Birth Rates, and Mixed Messages

A recent survey brings interesting results to the plate of the Latino household.  This survey looks at the Latino household, in particular the sex and pregnancy rates within a growing youth demographic.  53 percent of Latinas are pregnant by their 20th birthday. 

It is without a doubt that certain socio-economic factors play into high birth rates, and still, much of the United States Hispanic population lives in lower income thresholds; do not mistake the correlation. 

The article sites that 84 percent of Latino teens and 91 percent of Latino parents believe that graduating from college or university or having a promising career is the most important goal for a teen’s future.  However, there is a gap, as Latinas now have the highest teen birth rate among all ethnic and racial groups in the United States. 

What is interesting though, are these psychological perspectives this survey brings to light.  What messages are parents sending their children?  Are those messages mixed and if so, how does the community go about dispelling old customs, machismo, and values that don’t necessarily help to promote a safe, open forum for youth to discuss sex.  


-Jules P. 


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