You Helped America Make History!

Today we congratulate and thank President Obama for making the
historic decision to nominate the first Latina to the United States
Supreme Court by his nomination of Sonia Sotomayor.  In Sotomayor,
President Obama has selected a well-qualified and experienced judge
and seized upon a tremendous opportunity to make history by bringing
the Hispanic community into the exclusive chambers of the highest
court in the land.  President Obama has suggested that he would use-
as criteria for his selection- someone who understood how the law
applies to Americans’ lives.  As CEO and President of Democracia Ahora
a Hispanic advocacy group, and it’s sister organization, Democracia
USA, the most successful Hispanic voter registration program in the country, I am so
pleased that this nomination finally reflects the diversity of our
nation and encourages our community to further contribute to and
partake in our democracy.  To our community, I say – this is our
moment.  To President Obama I simply say thank you for delivering the
hope and change so many Latinos voted for.

Jorge Mursuli


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