Sotomayor Mañana

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History was made in Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination to Supreme Court as a Latina yesterday.  As Catholic, she may become the Supreme Court’s sixth today.  What does a six member Latina Catholic Supreme Court Judge mean for tomorrow? 

Although Sotomayor received a Catholic school education, she is believed to lean more left than other Catholic judges.  The articles suggest that this nomination on some level presents religion as a non-important factor in Supreme Court nominations.  Interestingly, these Catholic nominations all came from Republicans (Remember that Sotomayor was first nominated for a lower circuit by Bush, Sr.).  

-Is there a link? 

-And what does that means for future trends of the law? 

-With a country that is thirsty for change, is this the antithesis?

Abortion, gay rights, and the death penalty- not as prevalent on Sotomayor’s list of cases, however, her life experience, compassion and dedication to the law may make her an amazing addition to the American Judicial system.  

-Jules P.


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