Sotomayor v. Gingrich

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Interesting issues are emerging in the Sotomayer nomination, as Republican white males Gingrich and Limbaugh spin the issue of “racism.” 

John Cornyn, who is a Republican himself worried that such remarks would subsequently harm the reputation of Republicans.  He is a member of the Judiciary.  He worried that these “attacks” on the first Hispanic Supreme Court candidate would “not only poison the confirmation hearings, but also undercut his party’s standing with an increasingly important voting bloc.”

These issues of “racism” come from a 2001 speech in which Judge Sotomayor suggested that a “Latina judge might have better judgment than a white male judge.” Mr. Gingrich, among other critics, asserted that the remark showed her to be racist.

The reality of life in America for anyone other than a white, Christian, majority male, is certainly a different one.  It is not as if Sotomayor will be prejudicial against others — rather she will bring a certain, important, and sorely needed sensibility to the judicial process as a Latina.

-Jules P.


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