Bills Make Immigration Laws Harder to Ignore

A recent article in the Arizona Daily Star highlighted current laws that legislature is attempting to pass, which will prohibit local policies that prevent enforcement by police to round up illegal immigrants during routine patrolling of our streets and communities. In other words, our legislature is asking police to become immigration officers. This article provides insight to SB 1162 and its supporter’s intentions for allowing such laws to pass in the house. Regardless of intention or motive, this clearly becomes more than an issue of illegal immigration law enforcement, but rather one of social justice. I cannot understand the logic behind such decisions by certain people and am convinced that the underlying message goes further than breaking immigration laws to racial disparity.

Immigration reform is at the front lines of office and one of the hot topics on today’s agenda. Maybe some are beginning to feel the heat of the pressure being placed on President Obama to make good on his plan of developing and passing a comprehensive immigration reform act. Is this means for some to act absurdly and launch a full scale attempt to take matters into their own hands? Does this make it ok for some to introduce concepts that clearly take a backward step in the progress of humanity? That’s right, HUMANITY. This is no longer an issue of illegal aliens as we have so irresponsibly referred to them time and again, but rather one of social injustice and inhumane treatment.

It is obvious that the idea of a comprehensive reform act that would grant citizenship to undocumented individuals in our country does not bode well for some who are unwilling to accept immigrants as citizens of this country. This situation is clear and present in the state of Arizona. Currently there are laws being voted on that would turn us, everyday hardworking individuals, into immigration officers. Clearly there must be some sort of requirement to become an immigration officer, yet with the introduction of such laws, we are being asked to take matters into our own hands. What about the people who are in support of assisting those who are shunned from finding answers to their everyday problems? As we all know helping a fellow human survive is not a crime, so how dare we judge our actions when helping others based on their legal status in this country.

Are our people to become even more afraid of working with our law enforcement officers and agencies from fear of being arrested?  Such laws will cause even more problems because people will be less inclined to support or assist our police officers out of fear.  When has instilling fear in people led to a positive situation?   This is no longer a question of what is right and wrong but who is right and wrong.  Such laws were made to introduce a justification for racial disparity and there is no other way that we can explain it to these individuals and those who support their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  It does not make sense to ask non-law enforcement personnel to make those decisions and it definitely does not make sense to overcrowd our jails and prisons with individuals who have and continue to contribute to our economy.  If there is necessity to introduce any kind of system that would sort out our population of immigrants from those with intentions of being integrated into the American system as contributors, to those who seek a free ride, there is a far more humane and justifiable way of doing so.

The buck stops here and anyone who sees this as a good idea should truly evaluate their respect for fellow man.  It is not fair to judge someone when you have never walked in their shoes.  If you seek an answer to the issue of illegal immigration, I say to you that one is in the works and you now have to vote to make sure it goes through.  Once comprehensive immigration reform has passed, and by the will of those who have fought endlessly and tirelessly to see it happen it will pass, there will be no need for such ludicrous laws or ideas against our fellow man.  If you feel illegal immigration is a problem that warrants such ideologies to be presented as a justifiable means of dealing with these issues, I welcome you to show support for immigration reform and this feeling and issue will be a thing of the past.

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