American Dream Deferred?

Watching the recent video about a young lady named Nancy, who has been an excellent student throughout her life, but has been limited by her legal status; I could not help but think about my own life and those around me who are equally affected.  Nancy is a great student who has been accepted to Harvard, but is unable to attend because she is not a citizen of this country.  When the video was over I thought to myself, “Options, I can’t help but think about all my options in life.  Do I want to go to college? What will I major in?”  It is a tremendous and wonderful feeling to have options and know that no matter what my choice is I have the opportunity to make it come true.  “It truly is wonderful, America, the land of opportunity” a friend once told me.  She then said to me, “I’m really happy for you and glad that you have those opportunities.”  Then it struck me:  here was an individual who had exceeded expectations and had realized potential within herself that she never dreamed of, all because she was granted the opportunity to reside in the United States of America, where she was able to attend school and receive a good education.  Then she graduated high school and all those opportunities were gone.  Gone because she is not a citizen of the United States of America.

It breaks my heart to know that a young woman full of life and potential does not have the same options that I have before me, when deep down in my heart I know that she is much more than deserving.


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