Hispanic Advocacy Group Issues Statement on Immigration Enforcement Bill

MIAMI – (July 1, 2009) – Today, the Arizona Senate approved a measure that would criminalize the presence of undocumented workers in the state.  In response, CEO and President of Democracia Ahora, Jorge Mursuli issues the following statement:

“This is a faulty measure that will only lead to the increased racial profiling of the hundreds of thousands of hard-working Latinos living in Arizona.  This is a major mistake. It doesn’t solve our immigration problem; it simply creates more problems.   The answer to fixing our broken immigration system isn’t targeting individuals; the answer is humane, comprehensive reform.  I thank the members of the House and Senate that rejected this hateful and impractical legislation, and urge all Arizonans to press for comprehensive reform.  As citizens, although we do not have the power to cast a vote in this matter, we will remember who stood up for reform and who stood against it when we head to the voting booth in 2010. ”

Democracia Ahora
Democracia Ahora (D-Ahora), Democracia USA’s sister 501(c)(4) advocacy organization, is committed to advancing federal and state legislation vital to Hispanic communities. D-Ahora’s work is grounded in a commitment to the basic principles of equality under the law and opportunity for all.  The organization seeks to educate, empower and engage established and new citizen advocates on the issues that matter to their families, their communities, and their country.

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