News Clips Aug 27, 2009

Why the Health Care Debate Is So Explosive

When Harry Truman first proposed national health insurance, Senate minority leader Robert Taft (R-Ohio) promptly tagged it “the most socialistic measure that this Congress has ever had before it.” Shouting socialism in the middle of the red scare detonated a serious charge. Democratic James Murray responded by screaming back at his colleague: “You have so much gall and so much nerve… If you don’t shut up I’ll have…you thrown out.”

Health care reform was Sen. Ted Kennedy’s unfinished life’s work

WASHINGTON – Ted Kennedy often said his biggest political mistake was turning down a health care deal with Richard Nixon, and Kennedy’s old lament had Democrats yesterday thinking again about compromise on reform.

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Health care champion’s twin battles offered a bitter irony

WASHINGTON – All year, a bitter irony suffused the agonizing health care negotiations on Capitol Hill: Just when legislation guaranteeing affordable health care for all Americans appeared to have its best chance of passing in years, its greatest champion was dying.

Supporters of Healthcare Reform Start Bus Tour

Organizing for America, the national network of Obama supporters, is trying to rev up support for healthcare reform with a bus tour that kicks off tomorrow in Phoenix. The “Health Insurance Reform Now” bus will make 11 stops between tomorrow and when members of Congress return to Washington, hitting up Albuquerque, N.M., Denver, Raleigh, N.C., and Pittsburgh.

Dennis Rivera Leads Labor Charge for Health Reform

WASHINGTON — For more than a decade, Dennis Rivera was New York’s mightiest labor leader, running a union of 300,000 health care workers that often bent Albany to its will as it scared — and angered — governors, Democratic and Republican, with its hard-hitting ads.

Recession Ends Boom For Mexican Smugglers’ Village

EL SASABE, Mexico (Reuters) – As illegal immigrants flooded north through the sun-baked Mexican border town of El Sasabe to find work in the United States earlier this decade, shop keeper Ramona Flores thrived.

US program slows revolving door of illegal immigration

We were pleased to learn that humanitarian flights to Mexico for illegal immigrants have begun again this year.
We have often argued that a comprehensive immigration-reform program — including strong border security, a guest-worker program and a pathway to citizenship for the millions of illegal immigrants who are working and paying taxes in the United States — must be a priority for this country.

*****Vegas police to meet community about immigration*****
VEGAS—Las Vegas police and other community leaders plan to meet with the community to explain how certain federal immigration laws could affect immigrants in the state.

Federal immigration law allows Immigration and Customs Enforcement to train local police officers to enforce immigration law.

The talks at the Clark County Government Center are expected to include groups including the American Civil Liberties Union, the Progressive Leadership Alliance of nevada, and Democracia Ahora, an adovcacy organization.


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