News Clips Aug 31, 2009

Obama’s health care tactics just like those he used in state Senate in 2004

Accusing critics of ‘fear-mongering’ was tactic he used in state Senate days
WASHINGTON — Barack Obama, deflecting criticism of his top agenda item to deal with the health care crisis, accuses opponents of “fear-mongering,” telling lies and miscasting his proposal as “socialized medicine.”,CST-NWS-sweet31.article

Health Care Fit for Animals

Opponents suggest that a “government takeover” of health care will be a milestone on the road to “socialized medicine,” and when he hears those terms, Wendell Potter cringes. He’s embarrassed that opponents are using a playbook that he helped devise.

Dr. Obama’s Toughest Patient

Partial reform isn’t easy, either.
THE OBAMA administration and other advocates of comprehensive health reform knew that August was going to be a perilous month. It’s turned out to be disastrous. As lawmakers return to work and President Obama ends his vacation, the health reform enterprise is in rough shape. So what is the proper course of treatment?

The Democrats’ Problem: There’s No Health Care Plan to Sell

People have been preoccupied with the preposterous lies that the Republicans have perpetrated on health insurance reform. At the same time, pundits repeat the conventional inside-the-beltway line that the Democrats are “off-message.”

Police should be hands-off on immigration

More than 500 local and national groups joined the American Civil Liberties Union last week in demanding President Obama scrap a disastrous federal program that turns local police into surrogate immigration officers.

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Valley sheriffs ponder federal immigration enforcement program

EDINBURG — Many Rio Grande Valley law enforcement officers cringe when someone talks about working with the federal government to identify and arrest illegal immigrants.

****Latino summit draws 500, addresses how Reading can better serve group’s needs*****

Increasing Latino representation in the police department and paying more than lip service to helping Spanish-speaking students of the Reading School District learn to speak English were among the recommendations discussed Saturday by members of the city’s diverse Latino community.

Obama’s 1st year sets record for Hispanic nominations

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama has appointed more Hispanics to high office than any president ever has during the first year in office, reflecting the growing political clout of the nation’s largest minority group.

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