News Clips Sept. 25, 2009

Health reform you can count on

Drowning out the noise of the debate, here are 3 things that stand a good chance of passing if lawmakers wrap up reform this year.

NEW YORK ( — The cacophony of the health care debate, already loud, is likely to become deafening as autumn progresses.

Poll: More Approve of Obama on Health Care

CBS News/New York Times Survey Finds More Approve of Pres. Obama’s Handling of Health Care Following his Address to Congress
(CBS)  President Barack Obama’s recent speeches and public appearances explaining his proposals for health care reform have made some impact, according to a new CBS News/ New York Times poll — but he still has work to do, and a majority of Americans remain confused.

Senators to square off on public insurance plan


WASHINGTON — Advocates for a public insurance plan — the idea that has generated the most passion in the high-decibel health care debate — are pressing for a crucial test vote in the Senate Finance Committee.

Immigration officials consider more fee increases

Immigrant rights groups fear that further fee hikes would cut many out of the citizenship application process. The immigration agency, which must be self-supporting, faces a $118-million shortfall.

U.S. immigration officials are considering another possible round of fee increases and budget cuts next year, prompting concern among immigrant rights groups.,0,1871688.story

Oral histories project turns attention to Latinos

WASHINGTON (CNN) — You can learn a lot from people by listening to their stories.
That has been the driving idea behind StoryCorps. Since 2003 the nonprofit project has been collecting oral histories from everyday Americans across the United States.


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