News Clips Sept. 30, 2009

Immigration Crackdown With Firings, Not Raids

LOS ANGELES — A clothing maker with a vast garment factory in downtown Los Angeles is firing about 1,800 immigrant employees in the coming days — more than a quarter of its work force — after a federal investigation turned up irregularities in the identity documents the workers presented when they were hired.

Museums to take on immigration debate

CHICAGO – With little movement on Immigration reform among lawmakers, the debate is entering a new space: museums.

From New York to San Francisco, a network of museums will address tough questions on Immigration, including health care, borders and citizenship.

The idea is to get community leaders and activists talking to each other in locations connected to history, with the ultimate goal of figuring out how to achieve reform.,0,3711731.story

Officials seek to vaccinate illegal immigrants against H1N1

By Erin Kelly, Gannett Washington Bureau
WASHINGTON — With swine flu vaccinations set to begin in October, public health officials are mobilizing to ensure that the nation’s more than 11 million illegal immigrants are vaccinated to protect themselves and the public.

On Health-Care Stage, Spotlight Is Now on Obama

For many months, advocates of health-care reform have implored President Obama to outline in greater detail the provisions he’s prepared to push and defend. So far, he has largely resisted, offering broad principles and leaving the details to Congress. But the time of hanging back is quickly coming to an end if he hopes to find the 60 votes needed to pass a bill in the Senate.

Health Reform’s Public Option: Down, But Not Yet Out?

When West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller gave his closing argument Tuesday to the Senate Finance Committee in support of his amendment to create a new government-run health insurance plan, he sounded amply frustrated. Describing the people of his state, he said they were “out in the cold” and “helpless” against faceless insurance bureaucrats who treat them unfairly. A public health insurance plan, he argued, would create competition for private insurers, and could put patients, not profits, first. “These are people,” he said, banging his table more than once. “Eleven-year-old kids. These are families and we have to respect them. And you respect them by giving them a choice.”,8599,1926833,00.html

Senate panel rejects public health option

A key Senate committee voted down a government-run health insurance plan. However, the public option still exists in another Senate bill and several bills being considered in the House.
WASHINGTON — In the first significant setback for the centerpiece of President Barack Obama’s healthcare overhaul, the Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday soundly rejected the “public option,” or government-run health insurance plan.

Vegas figures prominently in Hispanics’ growing clout

CNN and a federal agency director looked west for input on a burgeoning segment of U.S. population

Two very different gatherings happened within 24 hours last week in Las Vegas, each at high levels in their respective worlds, each involving Hispanics.

In one, a heavyweight member of the national media sought input from valley residents on a major production, “Latino in America.” In the other, a top federal official gathered input on future legislation that would affect many of the nation’s Hispanics.

First Hispanic American serves in Congress, Sept. 30, 1822

On this day in 1822, Joseph Marion Hernandez became the first Hispanic-American to serve in Congress as a delegate from the Florida Territory.
He was born on Aug. 4, 1793, in St. Augustine, then a Spanish colony, becoming a U.S. citizen when Florida became an American territory on March 30, 1822. The Americans cobbled their newly acquired territory together by merging East and West Florida, establishing a new capital in Tallahassee, located halfway between the former East Floridian capital of St. Augustine and the former West Floridian capital of Pensacola. (Most of West Florida was annexed to the Territory of Orleans and Mississippi Territory.)

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