Hello Rio!

Considering the US’s position on immigration, visas, and foreign

tourism some say that the decision to eliminate Chicago in the first

round is not a surprise.  Discourse.net has a recent post form Michael

Froomkin claiming that Obama’s continuation of Bush era immigration

policy is a direct link to the Chicago’s demise.  If more than

speculation, the tie between our immigration policy and this decision

has to make you wonder what other decisions are being made in reaction

to our immigration policy that we don’t know about and can’t imagine.

There are other reasons that also play a factor in Rio de Janeiro’s

selection to host the 2016 Olympics. According to the Washington Post

this will mark the first South American site to host the Olympics, and

also raises awareness to Brazil’s growing economy and play in the

international community.  While Obama’s personal effort to win

Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Olympics falls short, it leaves many

questions as to why and how we are seen by others abroad.


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