News Clips Oct. 7, 2009

A Losing Proposition — How Immigration Enforcement Hurts Women and Communities

As Lou Dobbs continues to fan the flames of anti-immigrant rhetoric, the American public is increasingly buying into a flawed premise: immigrants are criminals and local law enforcement must enforce immigration laws.  The effects of this rhetorical myth are devastating.  Communities all over the United States are sacrificing public safety as law enforcement officers take on the duties of immigration agents, instead of making sure communities are protected against violent crime.  Unmentioned and overlooked are immigrant women — including victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and exploitation — who can no longer turn to their local police for protection.

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Drop Dobbs campaign

While Mary Sanchez and I may agree on the problem, we are miles apart when it comes to solutions (9/21, National/Local, “Don’t expect boycott to calm Dobbs down”).

First, Ms. Sanchez calls the Drop Dobbs campaign a “boycott.” It is nothing of the sort. The Drop Dobbs campaign is an appeal to companies that prize the Latino marketplace to distance themselves from the hate speech that is purveyed nightly on Lou Dobbs’ show. It is also not, as Sanchez suggests, simply about turning Dobbs off.

Joe Arpaio Calls Out Janet Napolitano on 287(g); Supervisor Wilcox Says She’s Voting No on Jails Agreement

Looks like the journos at today’s Joe Arpaio presser practically had to jump out of the way of the spittle flying forth from the sheriff’s kisser. As I suspected it would be, the whole show was an excuse for a tirade on the part of our spoiled lawman, a fit thrown by a puerile 77 year-old after someone took away his new toy and stuck him in a time out.

Immigration Hard-Liner Has His Wings Clipped

PHOENIX — The Maricopa County sheriff, who has drawn scorn and praise for a running crackdown on illegal immigrants in this city’s metropolitan area, said Tuesday that federal officials had taken away his deputies’ authority to make immigration arrests in the field.

U.S. to overhaul immigration system
Detainees will be ranked by risk factors, and new detention centers will be built.

By Spencer S. Hsu

Washington Post

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration will review the procedures under which the United States detains about 380,000 illegal immigrants a year, exploring the use of converted hotels and nursing homes as it seeks to transform a prison-based system into one tiered according to the risk posed by individual detainees, officials said yesterday.

Report Critical of Scope of Immigration Detention

A report on immigration detention released Tuesday by the Obama administration paints a picture of a costly, inappropriately penal system that is growing without basic tools for management and monitoring, while the government office nominally in charge struggles with high turnover and a lack of expertise.

Report: U.S. Should Give Preference to Skilled Immigrants Over Relatives

By Spencer S. Hsu
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, October 6, 2009; 4:47 PM

The United States should cut back on the admission of immigrants who are extended-family members of U.S. citizens and permanent residents to make room for more skilled workers, a new independent panel recommended Tuesday.

Political party shift marked by silenced screamers

COMMENTARY– For almost two years now I have been discussing the Republican identity crisis that has afforded Democrats more gains than they might have otherwise earned.

Despite the fact that winning elections is about addition, Republican purists have been on a six-year run glorifying subtraction.

While cultural issues like abortion and gay marriage are crucial to a vital part of their coalition, they have also pushed away young voters, particularly young white males.

The Question Remains

Immigration is coming back as an issue. And supporters of immigration say they are learning from their last defeat.

s Rep. Joe Wilson illustrated with his “You lie!” outburst during President Barack Obama’s speech to Congress, the illegal-immigration issue remains as hot as ever. Lou Dobbs still fulminates about it most evenings on CNN. Conservative talk-radio hosts descended on Washington, D.C., last month for a “Hold Their Feet to the Fire” gathering, aimed at lobbying against “amnesty” for illegal immigrants. On the other side, the United We DREAM Coalition organized 125 events around the country a few weeks ago in support of a law that would legalize certain undocumented high-school graduates.

The Internet, journalism and mainstream media.

A four part perspective on the evolution of journalism. including Journalist says use of “embeds” in war slants true perspective, Fox News blasted at journalism conference, Newspaper decline traced to widespread illiteracy, Internet more international minded than mainstream media, all by Sherwood Ross
Journalist says use of “embeds” in war slants true perspective.

Television reporters embedded with the U.S. forces that invaded Iraq “didn’t actually report” the news but provided “color commentary” instead, a Pulitzer Prize-winning war correspondent says.

Even though some 650 journalists were embedded with U.S. troops, “we actually learned less because there was less reporting and because these people, in essence, saw their role as providing color commentary,”  says Christopher Hedges, formerly a war correspondent for The New York Times.


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