News Clips Oct. 9, 2009

Arizona Sheriff Vows to Enforce Immigration Law Whether ‘Feds’ Like it or Not

( – Calling himself “the poster boy” for those who oppose the enforcement of federal immigration laws, Sheriff Joe Arpaio said he will continue to arrest individuals who are in the country illegally, even if Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) does not renew the 287(g) agreement that the Maricopa County (Ariz.) Sheriff’s Office has operated under for the past two years.

Republican Senators Vitter, Bennett Attempt To Force Census To Ask Immigration Status

Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) and Sen. Bob Bennett (R-UT) want to amend the pending Commerce, Justice and Science Appropriations bill (which funds NASA and the census, among other things) to force census takers to ask immigration status.

The amendment ties funding for the census bureau to asking of the question on “all future” decennial censuses.

Vitter said because some states have included illegal immigrants in their counts, that’s led to more Congressional seats.

Evangelicals and Immigration

American evangelicals have approved a resolution calling for Congress to approve changes in immigration law. The resolution by the directors of the National Association of Evangelicals passed unanimously. The group represents the heads of 40 evangelical denominations. The president of the association, Leith Anderson, said the system for immigrating to the United States must change. The group recommends laws that would provide a path for immigrants to gain legal status, give priority to family reunification and reduce backlogs of such petitions.

New Jersey pro-immigration leaders call for a halt to 287g on the steps of town hall

Morristown was one of two statewide locations where pro-immigrant rights groups held press conferences calling on the federal government to scrap the federal government program known as 287(g) that allows local municipalities to deputize police officers as immigration agents.

Protest targets Morristown immigration enforcement

MORRISTOWN, N.J. – Immigrant advocacy groups are urging Morristown officials not to participate in a federal program that allows local police to enforce immigration laws.

At a rally Thursday outside town hall, Shai (SHAY’) Goldstein of the New Jersey Immigration Policy Network said the 287(g) program has led to racial profiling elsewhere and is creating fear in Morristown’s Latino community.

Nashville accepts immigration detention deal

If finalized, Metro would hold fewer immigrants in jail

Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall spent much of the summer warning that his office might drop a federal immigration enforcement program because of changes that would have kept case details under wraps.

Latinos mull census boycott

By Gretchen Hoffmann
Published: Friday, October 9th, 2009

The University hosted a forum on Sept. 30 to discuss a possible Latino boycott of the 2010 U.S. Census as a means to advocate for immigration reform. As the April 1 commencement of the census approaches, some Latino activists have encouraged illegal immigrants to boycott the count in hopes of encouraging change in immigration policy.

The U.S. Constitution mandates that a census be taken every 10 years to determine the apportionment of congressional seats, electoral votes and federal funding. The goal of the census boycott, activists have said, is to compel the representatives of these areas to take an aggressive stance on immigration reform.

Still, according to a Times of Trenton article, most of the 60 audience members at the forum, however, called the census boycott a misguided effort that would cause more harm than good.

Health care bill faces key vote in Senate panel

A key Senate committee will vote Tuesday on its $829 billion overhaul of the nation’s health care system, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Thursday, the final hurdle before the full House and Senate can begin their debate on the future of health care.

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Key Republicans Warm To Health Care Changes

As health care legislation heads for the House and Senate floors, Republicans around the country have a message for their colleagues in Congress: When it comes to health care, you can’t just say no. Several prominent Republicans, some courted by the Obama administration, have come forward to endorse something over nothing.

Dole and Daschle Endorse a Health Care Overhaul

By Katharine Q. Seelye

Bob Dole, the one-time Republican leader in the Senate, and Tom Daschle, the one-time Democratic leader, issued a joint statement today in which they said they supported the Democrats’ attempt to overhaul the health care system.

Boy Scouts launch campaign to attract Hispanics

By JULIANA BARBASSA (AP) – 16 hours ago

SAN FRANCISCO — The Boy Scouts are making their debut “en espanol,” with an advertising campaign launched Thursday and a soon-to-come Spanish-language Scout Handbook intended to draw Latinos to the ranks of the nearly century-old organization.

Police stop more than 1 million people on street

By COLLEEN LONG (AP) – 11 hours ago

NEW YORK — A teenager trying to get into his apartment after school is confronted by police. A man leaving his workplace chooses a different route back home to avoid officers who roam a particular street. These and hundreds of thousands of other Americans in big cities have been stopped on the street by police using a law-enforcement practice called stop-and-frisk that alarms civil libertarians but is credited by authorities with helping reduce crime.

Judge to be first Latina on Texas Supreme Court


By MONICA RHOR  / Associated Press

A judge whose Mexican immigrant mother earned only a third grade education and worked as a cleaning woman was named to the Texas Supreme Court on Thursday, becoming the first Latina to serve on the state’s highest court.

Miami’s First Hispanic Mayor Launches U.S. Senate Campaign

Kris Alingod – AHN Contributor

Washington, D.C. (AHN) – Former Miami Mayor Maurice Ferre on Wednesday entered the race to fill the vacancy from the retirement of former Floria Sen. Mel Martinez. He is the second Democrat vying for the seat; Republican Gov. Charlie Crist is considered the front-runner.

“Florida has very serious problems,” Ferre said in a two-minute video. “This is a state that depends on growth. We’ve had growth for 64years — all of a sudden it stopped.”

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