News Clips Oct. 22, 2009

Locals join national “Stop Lou Dobbs” campaign

Noon-hour visitors to Cesar Chavez Plaza were able to view more than just a farmer’s market Wednesday.

They also witnessed about 20 activists and members of the media in a press conference announcing the “Stop Lou Dobbs” campaign created by the national Latino community group,

Delaisla: Hispanics support campaign against Lou Dobbs

HOUSTON – The biggest problem with the gross exaggerations of some broadcast commentators, like Lou Dobbs of CNN, is that their rants go disguised as news.

In actuality, the role of a newsperson is a responsibility, even a public trust. But when the newsman is characteristically divisive or mischaracterizes situations and people, misleads about the nature of problems and issues, even foments dissention — well, that’s not journalism.

Hispanic paper attacks CNN presenter

The largest Spanish-language newspaper in the US, the Los Angeles-based La Opinión, has launched a broadside against the CNN journalist Lou Dobbs, accusing him of retailing anti-immigrant opinions that are based on falsehood

Will movement to remove Lou Dobbs overshadow Soledad O’Brien’s Latino in America at CNN?

As with Black in America, there’s already criticism that CNN doesn’t adequately balance successful Latinos outside of entertainment with the many struggling ones that appear to be the primary focus. Worse yet, extremely successful Latinos in the areas of business, for example, are invisible. At least, this is one of the concerns that The Miami Herald’s Glenn Garvin raises. “Almost everybody in the documentary is either poor and troubled — single chicana moms in Los Angeles, jobless Puerto Ricans in Orlando, suicidal Dominican girls in New York — or works for the government,” writes Garvin. “The major exceptions are a handful of entertainment figures like Eva Longoria and George Lopez.”

BastaDobbs Responds to Invite from Lou

Today, in 18 cities across the country, participants in the campaign held public events calling on CNN to fire Lou Dobbs, including the one I led in New York City outside of CNN’s headquarters. As we made our case on the street below, the producers of Lou Dobbs’ CNN show emailed me with an invitation to appear on tonight’s show. Here is my response:

Read more at:

Dobbs Draws Fire as CNN Airs Doc About Latinos

Seven local immigrants’ rights activists gathered Wednesday in front of camera crews in a cramped restaurant on 24th Street  and made a simple appeal: CNN, drop Lou Dobbs.

As waitresses brought out soup and tortillas to a young Latino couple in the front of the otherwise quiet restaurant, the protesters held up a poster with a caricature of the commentator and spoke out against what they said was his hostile coverage of immigrants.

CNN Latinos Series Leaves Out Anti-Immigration Zealot Dobbs

WASHINGTON – CNN will broadcast a series about the Hispanic presence in the United States which, despite the complaints of Latino groups around the country, omits the anti-immigrant drive of one of the network’s own stars, commentator Lou Dobbs.

Dobbs, who does not hesitate to make comments opposing illegal immigration and demands that the country’s borders be sealed, is the target of a campaign to get CNN to remove him from its programming, an effort led by Roberto Lovato through – “basta” means “enough” in Spanish – and other Hispanic activists.

US workers, immigrants unite vs. work visa program

By JOHN MORENO GONZALES (AP) – 20 hours ago

NASHVILLE — Toribio Jimenez says an asbestos removal company used a guest worker program to trap him in virtual servitude, then fired him when he complained, forcing him to work illegally. Robert Martin believes the same company kept him unemployed by hiring foreigners like Jimenez.

Battle Over Census Becoming Fight Over Illegal Immigration

Whether the 2010 census should have 10 questions on it, as it’s currently written, or 11, as Sens. Robert Bennett (R-Utah) and David Vitter (R-La.) suggest, seems a simple enough issue.

Even though 100 million forms have already been printed, the census director recently told a Senate panel that reprinting the forms would cost about $22 million, not exactly a princely sum in Washington these days.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Quiet, Not Dead

With the nation’s attention still focused on health care, it may seem like comprehensive immigration reform has been swept under the rug. Don’t worry–it may be quiet right now, but CIR is not dead. This past week members of Congress have shown us that immigration reform legislation is still on the agenda.

Growing Common Ground Between Liberals and Conservatives on Immigration

Is the idea of common ground between liberals and religious conservatives a pipe dream? Not when it comes to one of the major goals of President Obama’s first term: immigration reform.

My most recent God & Country column in U.S. News Weekly tracks an effort by some powerful evangelical conservatives to build support for comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for many undocumented workers
. Here’s the top:

Torrington Democrats have faith in Hispanic voters

TORRINGTON — Democrats believe voters of Latino and Hispanic heritage could make a difference in this year’s mayoral race.

At Democratic headquarters on Main Street on Sunday, party leaders held a short gathering of some two dozen people to rally Latino and Hispanic support for mayoral candidate Samuel E. Slaiby.

Sheriff has McCain in immigration jam

Earlier this year, a TV reporter in Arizona coaxed Sen. John McCain into a quick on-air game of word association. The reporter would say a word or two, McCain would offer a short response and it all went along well until the reporter said the following words: “Joe Arpaio.”

Small town killing puts focus on crimes against Latinos

SHENANDOAH, Pennsylvania (CNN) — Crystal Dillman says she will never understand why a group of teenage boys beat her fiancé to death.

She says she will spend the rest of her life seeking answers — and justice — for the man she has lost as she struggles alone to raise her three young children.

“My life is forever destroyed,” said Dillman, who was 24 at the time of her fiancé’s death. “My family is forever destroyed.”

Her fiancé, Luis Ramirez, an undocumented Mexican immigrant, was walking down the street in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, on July 12, 2008, with Dillman’s half-sister, who is white.


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