News Clips Oct. 23, 2009

CNN’s Special on Latinos Stirs Protests Against Anchor

By Brian Stelter
CNN’s broadcast of a four-hour documentary about Latinos this week turned into a political rallying cry for activist groups that are calling on the cable news channel to fire Lou Dobbs, a veteran anchor with anti-immigration views.

Illegal alien Halloween costume shows how Lou Dobbs racism has gone far enough

A Halloween costume which is an orange jumpsuit with the words “ILLEGAL ALIEN” on the front, a space alien mask and a plastic green card has created a mighty stir among immigrant groups because of its racist overtones.

SCHUMACHER-MATOS: End near for CNN’s Dobbs?

BOSTON —- The end may be in sight for Lou Dobbs on CNN, and it couldn’t come too soon. There won’t be much reason to cheer, however.

Compared to Fox News and MSNBC, CNN’s ratings have fallen precipitously since last year’s elections. But Dobbs’ numbers hadn’t fallen that much until the furor broke out in July over his unsavory pushing of the “birther” theory that President Barack Obama is not a native-born U.S. citizen. By September, his viewership was wallowing at about half of what it was last November. It is unclear whether he is being pulled down by CNN or by campaigns by Hispanic and progressive groups to get advertisers and CNN to “Drop Dobbs.” In addition to their revulsion over the birther stories, they are protesting Dobbs’ often-incorrect statements and his demonization of illegal immigrants.

New census query on immigration status would diminish state’s clout

Two GOP senators introduce amendment to keep illegal immigrants out of the count

Sen. David Vitter, R-La., and Sen. Robert Bennett, R-Utah, tacked an amendment onto an appropriations bill this month that, if passed, would greatly affect Nevada because of its relatively large Hispanic population.

The amendment would add an 11th question to next spring’s census, a question about “citizenship and immigration status.”

Minority lawmakers: No census citizenship question

By HOPE YEN (AP) – 15 hours ago

WASHINGTON — A coalition of black, Latino and Asian lawmakers on Thursday expressed opposition to a proposal that would require next year’s census forms to ask about the status of a person’s citizenship.

The House lawmakers criticized a proposal by Sens. David Vitter, R-La., and Bob Bennett, R-Utah, as a political ploy designed to discourage immigrants from participating in the high-stakes count, which begins April 1.

Law enforcement officials call for immigration reform

f there is one thing local law enforcement agencies in both cities and counties don’t want, it’s the responsibility of enforcing immigration laws.

“Law enforcement needs to stay focused on its mission of preventing and investigating crimes, not checking immigration status,” said Polk County Sheriff Bill McCarthy, who was one of several law enforcement administrators to participate in a nationwide conference call Thursday.

Growing Calls for Immigration Reform That Leaves No Family Behind

Congress has promised to begin the process of reforming America’s broken immigration system later this year. There is widespread consensus that reform is urgently needed, and a growing insistence among lawmakers that any reform effort must adhere to our nation’s long-standing commitment to family unification.

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2010 Census May Reduce New York’s Representation in Congress

Reapportionment Shifts Seats to States With Growing Number of Noncitizens

WASHINGTON, Oct. 22 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — According to projections by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), New York will likely lose two of its 29 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives if noncitizens continue to be included in the reapportionment process based on the decennial Census. Currently, reapportionment of House seats is based on the total number of residents counted in the Census, whether citizens or noncitizens. Consequently, as Western and Southern states have experienced a large increase in their noncitizen populations, they have received more seats while other states have lost seats. The same is true for seats in the Electoral College used for presidential elections.

Optional public option enters health care talks

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Senate Democratic leaders met Thursday night with White House officials to consider including a government-funded public health insurance option, along with a provision allowing states to opt out of it, in a health care overhaul bill.
Two senior Democratic Senate sources told CNN that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is leaning toward a public option with the state opt-out provision in the Senate health care bill that will reach the full chamber in coming weeks.

Pelosi: House Firm in Backing Public Option

By David Herszenhorn
While Senate Democrats continue to hem and haw about whether they will include a government-run insurance plan in their health care legislation, the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, said on Thursday that there are no such doubts on her side of the Capitol.

Commentary: ‘But what’s a Latino?’

NEW YORK (CNN) — Let’s all pretend to be the astrologer Walter Mercado for a moment. Say we predict that the Obama administration’s master plan to engage people of Latino/Hispanic/Spanish origin proves to be effective.

Let’s say that along with strategic partners Telemundo and the Census Bureau, they somehow manage to corral the millions of “Latinos” into filling out the 2010 census forms in April. Say the idea of plot-kneading the message into an already half-baked yet inexplicably popular telenovela, “Mas Sabe el Diablo,” wins over the hearts and minds of “Latinos” everywhere.

But what’s a Latino?


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