News Clips Oct. 26, 2009

CNN Special on Latinos Stokes Debate Over Dobbs

Instead of being simply a draw for Hispanic viewers, CNN’s four-hour documentary, “Latino in America,” turned into a political rallying cry for activist groups who are calling on the cable news channel to fire Lou Dobbs, a veteran anchor with well-known views on immigration.

CNN removes criticism of Dobbs from interview; will WaPo’s Howard Kurtz cover story?

Unlike the Times, The Washington Post has not yet reported on CNN’s decision to edit out Garcia’s criticism of Dobbs.  But the Post employs Howard Kurtz, the nation’s most prominent media critic, so I’m sure they’re on the case and will soon run a comprehensive report.

N.J.’s illegal immigrant problem

Two stories about illegal immigrants ran back-to-back in the newspaper edition of the Star-Ledger last week.

The first was about Lazaro Tista, 45, robbed and beaten to death by a group of thugs — aged 17 to 21 — in Plainfield. Prosecutors say the men deliberately targeted Tista because he was Hispanic; the suspects now face charges of murder, bias intimidation and robbery. Tista was a landscaper, supporting a wife and eight children in Guatamala.

Arpaio deputizes 15 ICE agents

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said he deputized 15 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents this weekend even as his agency spares with the federal government over immigration raids.

The action allows ICE agents to enforce state and county laws in the field. The move comes after MCSO deputies turned in some of their federal law enforcement credentials after the Obama adminstration changed an immigration enforcment deal with Arpaio.

Mayor Bloomberg says New York needs more immigration and US visa holders

New York Mayor comes out as praising immigration into the US.
New York’s Mayor Bloomberg has spoken out in favour of US immigration and the positive effects it has had on the city.

Bloomberg himself is the grandson of an immigrant who moved to the US from Russia at the turn of the century, which seems fitting in a city where 40 per cent of inhabitants are foreign-born.

Reading’s Hispanic Center faces budget deficit

By Michelle Park
Reading Eagle

The Daniel Torres Hispanic Center in Reading expects a $100,000 budget deficit by summer if it can’t find new funding.

The center would be unable to pay some bills, which could spell big changes or even possible closure, said Michael Toledo, president of the center’s board of directors.


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