News Clips Oct 28, 2009

Illinois Congressman: Immigration Reform Cannot Wait

President Obama says he wants to change United States immigration policy. But so far, immigration has taken a backseat to other pressing issues, like health care, the economic recession and the ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. But Rep. Luis Gutierrez, a Democrat from Illinois, wants to bump immigration to the top of the President’s agenda. Gutierrez explains why he thinks comprehensive immigration reform cannot wait any longer.

Yale lawyers sue ICE on behalf of local immigrants

Yale law students will file a lawsuit tomorrow against the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement, alleging unconstitutional practices throughout the agency’s chain of command.

The two law students are representing 10 New Haven residents who claim that ICE’s June 6, 2007 immigration raids were illegal. The suit targets not only the agents who participated in the raid, but the mid- and high-ranking officials who the plaintiffs say caused the infringements of the residents’ civil rights. The Yale lawyers say the raid was in retaliation against the launch of the Elm City Resident Card, a citywide project that provides identification to all residents, regardless of immigration status. ICE has said repeatedly that the raid was a routine enforcement action in full accordance with the law.

Immigrants sue feds over 2007 raid

Residents allege 2007 immigration raids in new haven were unconstitutional

Ten New Haven residents intend to file a lawsuit today against federal immigration agents and officials, accusing them of violating constitutional rights during the raids in New Haven on June 6, 2007.
The 10 residents, who will be represented by Yale Law School students, claim that the raids were unconstitutional because federal agents lacked search warrants and arrested people solely on the basis of race and ethnicity.

ICE corruption: Our safety can’t be compromised

With national security such a worry in these times, learning there’s corruption among those who protect our side of the border is appalling. We are quick to point fingers at government agencies in Mexico for being on the so-called “take,” or for “looking the other way.”

Now the Associated Press reports that Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been involved in various illegal activities.

In El Paso, there are charges of interfering in an El Paso police investigation.

The 287(g) Program: Protecting Home Towns and Homeland

WASHINGTON, Oct. 27 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The 287(g) program was created
by Congress in 1996 to enhance cooperation between local law enforcement and
federal immigration authorities. The Obama administration has imposed new
rules for the 287(g) program that unduly constrain the local partners and
could allow more alien scofflaws identified by local agencies to remain here.

Hispanics Join Forces to Push For Health Care Reform

WASHINGTON – Members of Hispanic organizations from all over the
country on Tuesday presented Latinos United for Healthcare, a platform
to support the health care reform currently being debated in Congress
and designed to inform Hispanics about changes in the system.

Senator hopes his book clears up misconceptions about Latinos

HACKENSACK, N.J. Sen. Bob Menendez is an American success story a son of poor immigrants from Cuba who became one of the most important political leaders in New Jersey, and in Congress.

But as he rose to prominence, the New York-born Democrat encountered people who were surprised he could speak English well, that he was not Mexican and that he could speak masterfully about topics other than immigration, welfare and Hispanics.,0,5637386.story

Sen. Olympia Snowe & Reid Healthcare Face-Off: ‘Slow Down’ Say Moderates

Following a meeting of Senate leaders and administration officials, two senior Democratic senators told CNN Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., is leaning toward a government-run public option that states could opt out of, the sources said. Reid is preparing to take a healthcare bill to the full Senate.

FACTBOX-Glossary of terms in U.S. healthcare debate

The debate over U.S. healthcare reform is full of terms familiar to lawmakers and lobbyists but often obscure to the public.

Here is a glossary of words and phrases being bandied about as Congress takes up President Barack Obama’s top domestic priority: a bill that reins in healthcare costs, expands coverage to millions of uninsured people and bars insurers from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions or dropping coverage for the sick.

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