News Clips Nov. 5, 2009

Health Care Reform Legislation Becomes Vehicle for Reshaping Immigration Policy

WASHINGTON, Nov. 4 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Current versions of both the
House and Senate health care reform bills contain inadequate verification
measures that will fail to prevent millions of illegal aliens from accessing
taxpayer funded health benefits, charges the Federation for American
Immigration Reform (FAIR). And in a radical change from current law, both
versions of the bill grant immediate health care benefits to immigrants
currently subject to a 5-year waiting period before they may access most
federal benefits.

Election Results May Boost Immigration Reform in Congress

Viewed through the lens of the immigration issue, the overall results of yesterday’s elections might be called a mixed bag. Republican gubernatorial candidates who promised more hardline immigration stances won races in Virginia and New Jersey.

But two vacant seats in the U.S. House of Representatives (in New York’s 23rd District and California’s 10th District) were picked up by Democrats. As I explain below, these pick-ups should make it just a bit easier for House Democrats to marshal the votes needed to advance on comprehensive immigration reform, which they have promised to do before the end of this year.

28 illegal immigrants rescued from locked tractor trailer

By Ray Gomez


The discovery was made on Tuesday, as the driver of a tractor-trailer was going through the I-35 checkpoint. The scanner operator at the checkpoint noticed several irregularities.

Agents opened the trailer and found 28 illegal immigrants inside: 20 men, 7 women and one girl; none required medical attention.

The group and the truck driver were turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Immigration at Issue in NY-23, Virginia, New Jersey Elections

Today’s elections, many of them in eastern seaboard states, are the first big political test for the Obama administration. While most pundits focus on whether or not Republican candidates will surge on a voter backlash against Obama policies, there’s another trend to watch: the surprising prominence of immigration politics.

Immigration has even surfaced as an issue in NY-23. The once-obscure upstate New York congressional district– where maverick conservative Doug Hoffman displaced the official Republican nominee– is now a cable news and blog sensation. As his upstart candidacy surged, Hoffman found himself holding forth on immigration policy on Fox News.

Driving while Hispanic?

In Dallas, police officers have been ticketing drivers for not being able to speak English. Racism or an innocent error?

Since 2007, police officers in Dallas have issued dozens of traffic tickets to drivers who don’t speak English. All but one of the motorists cited were Hispanic. The police department has acknowledged it erred—that, in fact, no laws were violated—and is investigating the incidents. But what does the pattern mean?

Driving Without English

Police officers giving drivers $204 tickets for not speaking English? It sounds like a rejected Monty Python sketch. Except the grim reality is that it has happened at least 39 times in Dallas since January 2007, according to The Dallas Morning News. At least six officers in several different patrol divisions wrote the tickets, each time citing a driver for violating a law that does not exist. All but one of the drivers were Hispanic.

Latino Families’ Fight for Banking Reform

One of the most devastating consequences of today’s economic turmoil is the large-scale loss of nearly a generation of wealth among Latino homeowners. With a new foreclosure occurring every 13 seconds, we face the turning point of a catastrophe that demands immediate action and long-term solutions. Many of these foreclosures are driven by a perfect storm of job loss and toxic mortgages sold to families despite the fact that they qualified for a standard prime loan.

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LOS ANGELES – State Senator Gilbert Cedillo (D-Los Angeles) and the California Latino Legislative Caucus convened “El Poder Verde” Green Jobs Summit last week in downtown Los Angeles. The summit was organized to bring together public and private sector stakeholders mobilizing the “green movement” throughout the state. Organizers and participants stressed the importance of meeting climate change goals while providing high quality and lasting employment at all skill levels, and in particular, in poor and underserved communities.


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