News Clips Nov. 6, 2009

CNN downplays ratings slump

After bragging about its election-year victories, the cable network now minimizes its sharp prime-time decline.
Reporting from New York – In the summer of 2008, as CNN surfed a massive wave of interest in the presidential race, network president Jon Klein laid out how he planned to keep viewers after the election faded.,0,5188962.story

CNN Boss Slams Cable Competitors For ‘Running Cartoons’ (TWX)

Although CNN is losing viewers in the absence of major headlines — like the presidential election and Michael Jackson — president Jon Klein is posturing like he’s not concerned.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Klein downplayed CNN’s steep ratings decline — and took aim at the network’s noisy competitors MSNBC and Fox News Channel, which leads the cable news wars with conservative mascots Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity.

Immigration a stumbling block for health care bill

Washington (CNN) – Disagreement among Democrats over immigration language in the health care bill is complicating efforts by House Democratic leaders to round up votes needed to pass a bill by this weekend.

Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus are pushing back against the addition of a provision to the bill that would bar illegal immigrants from buying health insurance using their own funds. This measure is already included in the Senate Finance Committee’s version of the bill and is backed by the White House.

Senate blocks census citizenship question

WASHINGTON — Senate Democrats Thursday blocked a GOP attempt to require next year’s census forms to ask people whether they are U.S. citizens.

The proposal by Louisiana Republican Sen. David Vitter was aimed at excluding non-citizens from the population totals that are used to figure the number of congressional representatives for each state.

Critics said Vitter’s plan would discourage immigrants from responding to the census and would be hugely expensive. They also said that it’s long been settled law that the apportionment of congressional seats is determined by the number of people living in each state, regardless of whether they are citizens. A separate survey already collects citizenship data.

Neo-Nazi group to protest immigration in Phoenix march

PHOENIX — On Saturday afternoon, Neo-nazi members will take a stand in Arizona.

The members, with the National Socialist Movement (NSM), will be marching to the Arizona State Capitol to protest.

“It’s an American first rally,” said NSM member Steven Boswell. “It’s a demand for our politicians to put Americans first.”

The rally will begin at 2 p.m. as the group marches down Washington Street toward the capital buildings.

Organizers say the protest will focus on immigration.

“We’ve got completely wide open borders and politicians who will bend over backwards for Mexicans or anyone else who is not American,” Boswell said.

Activists Push for Immigration Reform on Anniversary of Long Island Hate Crime

A year ago this Sunday, in the heady days following the election of President Barack Obama, a hate crime took place in Long Island that initially went mostly unnoticed: a gang of teenagers attacked and killed Ecuadorian immigrant Marcelo Lucero, as part of what was later revealed to be a frequent activity for the youngsters “beaner jumping,” a slang term for attacking Latinos.

LI hate-crime suspect to rat on teen pals: DA

One of seven Long Island teens accused in the fatal hate-crime stabbing of a Hispanic immigrant has agreed to testify against his friends.

Nicholas Hausch, 18, yesterday in Suffolk County Court entered a guilty plea to gang-assault and hate-crime charges. Like his co-defendants, he had pleaded not guilty. He’d been facing five to 25 years in prison, but that could change now that’s he cooperating with the prosecution.

Cops say the thugs were driving around Patchogue looking for Hispanics to jump on Nov. 8, 2008, when they spotted Marcelo Lucero, 37, walking with a friend near the train station. Lucero, a native of Ecuador, fought back with his belt as his friend ran for his life. Jeffrey Conroy, 18, allegedly plunged a knife into Lucero’s chest and faces a second-degree-murder charge.

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New England’s 7th Spanish-language paper begins publishing

At a time when the recession is battering newspapers, a group of Latino journalists in Massachusetts has launched New England’s seventh Spanish-language weekly newspaper.

El Tiempo de Boston, or The Boston Times, began publishing last week as a free paper that focuses on communities with large Latino populations. Coverage also includes local immigration, financial consumer stories, and articles about Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Cuba.

“We saw that there was little coverage and information in other media and we wanted to respond to the needs of the Latino community,’’ said Maximo Torres, 60, founding director of the paper, a native of Peru where he was a journalism professor, and former city editor of Boston’s oldest Spanish-language paper, El Mundo.

Oregon Latinos seek power in numbers

Like California’s 30 years ago, Oregon’s growing Latino population is reaching a tipping point: A critical mass of Latino professionals is starting to organize and influence state and local politics.

Inspired by telltale demographics and political under-representation, Latino leaders throughout the state have formed a group to plan a summit and develop a legislative platform relevant to Latinos.

The initiative — dubbed Latino Agenda for Action — unites statewide community organizations and leaders to build recognition, set priorities and eventually start a research institute or similar entity to inform the public and legislators about the state’s largest ethnic group.

Seniors and doctors give key boost to healthcare bill

The din loudens from the left and right as a House vote nears on healthcare overhaul legislation.
Reporting from Washington – With a historic House vote on a $1-trillion healthcare bill barely 48 hours away, battle lines are hardening as lobbying groups for seniors and doctors endorse the legislation, while thousands of protesters swarmed Capitol Hill to oppose it.,0,4332468.story


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