Democracia Ahora Praises House Members for Passage of Health Reform Act

Democracia Ahora Praises House Members for Passage of Health Reform Act, Encourages Senate and White House to Maintain Immigrant Family Inclusion

Miami, FL – In response to Saturday’s passage of the health insurance reform bill by the House of Representatives, Jorge Mursuli, President and CEO of Democracia Ahora released the following statement:

Saturday’s vote was a tremendous victory for Latino voters who just one year ago cast their votes for reform.  The current health insurance reform bill will guarantee affordability, stop discriminatory practices, and offer hundreds of thousands of Latino families access to quality care.

In addition, we applaud the members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, specifically Caucus Chair, Representative Nydia Velazquez for successfully standing united against anti-immigrant provisions that would have denied undocumented immigrants the right to buy full-priced private insurance through the Exchange.  We urge members of the Senate and the Administration to maintain the integrity of this bill by continuing to include access for all immigrants, and remind those casting votes that Latino voters are paying close attention to this important debate.

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