News Clips Nov. 9, 2009

Morning Fix: The toughest votes on health care

1. The House health care vote late Saturday night was a classic of the genre — shouting, cheers, boos and a VERY narrow 220-215 passage. As always in close decisions in Congress, there were a few “yeas” (and “nays”) cast that could complicate the political futures of those behind the votes. Looking at the 2010 midterm elections, the five toughest votes — all Democrats — for the bill: Reps. Tom Perriello (Va.), Gabby Giffords (Ariz.), Harry Mitchell (Ariz.), Mary Jo Kilroy (Ohio), and Vic Snyder (Ark.). Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) carried four of the five seats and Kilroy’s 15th district — even though it went for President Obama by nine — is seen by Republicans as one of their best pickup chances in the country thanks to the candidacy of state Sen. Steve Stivers. Honorable mentions: Reps. Steve Driehaus (D-Ohio,), Joseph Cao (R-La.) and Ann Kirkpatrick (D-Ariz.).

Obama Hails “Courageous Vote” on Health Bill

President Obama spoke to reporters Sunday afternoon in the White House Rose Garden about the House’s passage of its health care reform bill late Saturday night and about the Iraqi parliament’s approval of election legislation.;cbsCarousel

The New Latino Vote Under Obama

Democratic outreach to Latino voters helped Barack Obama win Red States in the 2008 election and deepened a rift between that demographic and the Republican Party.
The 2004 “Viva Bush” Latino outreach campaign did not endure amid conservative voices rallying for border fence proposals and slashing health care choices for illegal immigrants.

Republican Party courting Latinos

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 7 (UPI) — The Republican Party has to repair fences with Latino voters in America after losing their support in the 2008 presidential election
, party officials say.

Much of the Latino vote was driven toward the Democratic party by conservative Republican calls for border fence proposals and cutting healthcare options for illegal immigrants, ABC News reported Saturday.

NY village gets new voting system to aid Hispanics

By JIM FITZGERALD (AP) – 2 days ago

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — A federal judge imposed an unusual election system on a suburban village Friday, nearly two years after finding that the existing system was unfair to Hispanics.

The village, Port Chester, is run by a mayor and six trustees. Under the new system, called cumulative voting, residents will be allowed to cast as many as six votes for one trustee candidate.

Up next: A Latino president?

One year ago, 53 percent of voters in the country went to the polls and elected the nation’s first black president, Barack Obama.

Now that that barrier has been broken, the question begs, who will be the nation’s first Latino president? And how soon can the country anticipate another historic swearing in?

16 SC businesses cited under immigration law

GREENVILLE, SC (AP) – Authorities say 16 of the 600 businesses checked since July have been cited under South Carolina’s new immigration law.

The Greenville News reported Monday that citations have totaled more than $60,000 in penalties. Nearly all of the penalties were waived under the law’s provision that allows businesses to escape fines if they fix their verification process.

Rody Alvarado’s Odyssey

After 14 years, Rody Alvarado finally has the full support of the United States government in her struggle to find safe haven here. She fled Guatemala in 1995 after enduring years of horrific beatings and sexual abuse by her husband. Though the facts of her suffering were not disputed, her case took a tortuous route through immigration courts, where the question of asylum for battered women has long been muddled by controversy, indecision and inaction.


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