News Clips Nov. 10, 2009

Undocumented students mobilize to win legal status

By Kathryn Rogers
McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON — As her fellow college graduates busy themselves with spamming every available e-mail inbox with resumes, 25-year-old Lizbeth Mateo keeps to the same Los Angeles coffee shop she’s worked in for the past five years.

A native of Mexico and an undocumented immigrant who’s lived in the U.S. for more than a decade, Mateo earned a bachelor’s degree last year from California State University, Northridge. Though she said she’d like to find a job that would allow her to give back in some way to the low-income community where she grew up, Mateo’s immigration status has put a cap on what she’s able to achieve.

Reading Latino Summit’s 87 ideas released

Adding more bilingual police and providing city forms in both English and Spanish are among 87 recommendations developed at the Reading Latino Summit in August.

Mayor Tom McMahon and Berks County Commissioner Christian Y. Leinbach were among a small group that revealed the summit recommendations Monday at the Daniel Torres Hispanic Center in Reading.

Latino Summit Announces Findings

Volunteers from Reading’s Latino Community had the ear of the decision makers, Monday night. The goal, to help Hispanic residents better integrate in the City of Reading. WFMZ’s Dwayne Parker reports.

>> REPORTER: After months of combing the streets of Reading, the Latino Summit Committee had the exclusive ear of the Mayor, the police and politicians. Topic of discussion: the Latino Community of Reading.

Many Latinos At High Risk For Swine Flu

Health officials say low-income Latino immigrants haven’t been getting enough attention during the H1N1 pandemic. They’re considered a high risk group because they often lack health insurance, have high rates of chronic diseases and difficult jobs.

Let’s start with one of the biggest concerns for this group – working while they’re sick. It’s an ongoing issue for anyone who has a job, call in sick or tough it out?

David Katz is a physician at the Davis Community Clinic, in Yolo County. He says this is a big issue for his patients.

“It’s a conundrum for the Latino worker, the low-income family, because they won’t get sick days and they won’t get paid during the days that they miss.”

This was the case for one Latino patient he just saw in the clinic.

“They probably did have the flu initially a month ago and now they came in with this prolonged cough, and very sick, and it turned out they had pneumonia, that’s a very typical story for someone who is trying to just muscle their way through the illness.”

These two debates don’t mix

Immigration wiggles its nose into health care reform

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 at midnight

There’s a certain poetry to politics. Sometimes, our elected officials try their best to run away from a controversial or difficult topic, only to wind up running into it at every turn.

That’s how it is with President Barack Obama and immigration reform. After promising during the campaign to fix the immigration system with a bold and comprehensive solution, Obama has spent the first year of his presidency trying to delay the issue and focus instead on health care reform. But what do you know? The immigration issue popped up early and often in the health care debate. First, Republicans demanded assurances that illegal immigrants would not be eligible for health care benefits. The administration went even further and barred illegal immigrants from participating in a government-financed public option even if they were willing and able to pay their own way. But how are we supposed to determine legal status given that House Democrats defeated a GOP effort to require proof of citizenship from anyone seeking health care benefits?

Illegal immigrants divide discussions on health care reform

McALLEN — Immigration advocates shouted support for health care reform Monday afternoon as Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison was ushered away from the airport during a campaign stop in the Rio Grande Valley.

As health care reform takes center stage in the U.S. Senate, the shouting over one divisive and complicated issue won’t stop soon.

Anti-immigrant leaders exploit fears

Attempts to blame immigrants as the cause of economic, population and environmental problems are the latest trend by those seeking to divide communities.

One organization in particular has perfected this tactic, the Federation for American Immigration Reform or FAIR. As the pivotal player in a web of controversial organizations, FAIR pulls the strings of today’s contemporary anti-immigrant movement.

Eight Things President Obama Can Do To Reform Our Immigration System Without Waiting For Congressional Action

by Harry DeMell

President Obama has his hands full during this difficult legislative session (2009). Health care and the war in Afghanistan seem to have taken all his energy. Immigration reform has been passed over.

It seems than congress does not have the time, or the will to tackle immigration reform at this time and possibly not at all during the upcoming midyear election cycle. There are a variety of things the President can do without congressional support to begin the process and help put the system on a track towards reform. The system didn’t get to this sorry state overnight and cannot be fixed overnight.,1110-demell.shtm

NV GOP front-runner faces attacks from own party

RENO, Nev.—The high-stakes election is still a year away, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., is already leveling criticism at Republican Sue Lowden, the former state GOP chairwoman, state legislator and Miss America candidate who hopes to unseat him.

Lowden, however, is apparently holding her own against Reid, leading him in mid-October polling. Her problem is the barrage coming from her own party, which remains splintered a year after being soundly beaten at the polls.


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