News Clips Nov. 18, 2009

Latino population growth adds to House seats

6 states expected to gain congressional slots due to surge in Hispanic numbers

A new study says that six of the eight states that are expected to gain U.S. House seats from the 2010 Census — all except Utah and Georgia — would not receive them without recent population growth among Hispanics, which may make Latinos more politically powerful.

Census Bureau to hire 1 million temporary workers

WASHINGTON – As it gears up for the 2010 national headcount, the Census Bureau will be hiring as many as one million temporary workers across the country.
U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, a Howell Republican, put out a news release to that effect this morning, wanting to get the word out to people in Michigan, where the unemployment rate of 15.3% remains the nation’s highest.

2010 Census Mired in Controversy

Meanwhile, the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) is calling for a 2010 census boycott unless Congress enacts radical …

Lou Dobbs Gets $8M Goodbye; Will He Challenge Menendez?

Lou Dobbs’ abrupt departure from CNN may have been a victory for his detractors, but for Dobbs, the bitter pill was no doubt sweetened by CNN’s parting gift of $8 million.

And for his detractors — in particular Hispanic immigration activists — the sweet victory could soon be dampened. That’s because many are speculating that Dobbs may challenge the nation’s only Hispanic U.S. Senator, Robert Menendez, a Democrat, for his New Jersey seat.

Governor Crist Invites Grassroots Organizations to Help Ensure Accurate 2010 Sunshine Census


As part of his ongoing effort to ensure Florida receives its fair share of federal funding and representation, Governor Charlie Crist invited grassroots organizations and advocates for Florida’s minority and other hard-to-count populations to become involved in the 2010 Sunshine Census initiative.

The Executive Office of the Governor is requesting proposals from potential contractors to develop the most influential grassroots outreach and public relations network possible.

After accidental deportation, critics say immigration officials making mistakes

After a Salvadoran man was mistakenly deported, immigration rights activists have complained about toughened enforcement by authorities.

Two months after questions were raised about the legality of his deportation by U.S. authorities, a Salvadoran man returned from his homeland Tuesday to a tearful reunion with his wife in Miami.

Meanwhile, friends and relatives of two Miami Dade College students are drumming up support to keep the two men from being deported to their native Venezuela.

The cases, say immigrant rights advocates, have rekindled fears that immigration authorities are stepping up detentions and deportations.

The Early Word: Health Bill Buzz


People who are closely following the health care debate might not have to wait much longer for Senate Democrats to release their bill and for the Congressional Budget Office to assess its cost.

Senator Harry Reid, the majority leader, said he would move soon, The Times’s David Herszenhorn wrote, but Carl Hulse, also of The Times, notes that Mr. Reid is struggling to get the 60 votes needed to bring the legislation to the floor. The budget office’s analysis could help Democrats woo their party’s three holdouts and two independents instead of resorting to a measure that requires fewer votes but that the leaders consider less attractive.


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