Today is World Aids Day

Today many of us around the world are taking a moment to observe Aids Day.  While the past eight years have shown a 17% drop in new HIV infections we must remember that complacency cannot prevail.  There is still no cure for HIV and there are many challenges to be met. According to UNAIDS an estimated:

33.4 million [31.1 million–35.8 million] people are living with HIV worldwide

2.7 million [2.4 million–3.0 million] people were newly infected in 2008

3. 2 million [1.7– 2.4 million] people died of AIDS related illness in 2008

Lets take a moment to Respect and Protect visit this website and check out the 5 things we can do.

Image by Victor Rodriguez
Victor Rodriguez Photography & Art Design Inc.


One Response to Today is World Aids Day

  1. iahealth says:

    Awareness and testing are key today. HIV is very difficulty for all who have it. Inequalities do seem to occur for some women and children and I imagine it would be very difficult. An estimated 33 million people have HIV but on 4 million are receiving treatment – Great Image!!!

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