News Clips Jan. 11, 2010

Unemployment Reaches 12.9% Among U.S. Hispanics

WASHINGTON – The unemployment rate among U.S. Latinos reached 12.9 percent, with nearly 3 million Hispanics out of work, according to statistics published Friday by the Labor Department.

Joblessness among Latinos in November stood at 12.7 percent.

“Unemployment remains at stubbornly elevated levels,” Labor Secretary Hilda Solis said at a roundtable with Latino reporters.

Deportation fears result in low census counts of Latinos

Census officials are working harder than ever this year to build relationships with Latinos, a population that has quadrupled in York County since the last census in 2000.

But some undocumented immigrants in York County are wary of the census form because they fear it could send them and their families back to their home countries. The fear persists despite a law that bars officials of the U.S. Census Bureau from sharing personal information with any other agency.

PEREZ: Latino peace plan for U.S. Census rift

Some pro-immigrant independent leaders, such as Juan Jose Gutierrez of Latino Movement USA, already have vowed to use the midterm elections to go after anti-immigrant politicians. Will others be willing to join him?

If a vast coalition of Latino and immigrant organizations could be created —- with the single purpose of defeating every politician who opposes or even procrastinates on immigration reform —- perhaps Rivera, Lopez and the undocumented immigrants who follow them could still be persuaded to participate in the census and organize another form of boycott —- on Election Day.

New data show young, minorities disproportionately hit by H1N1 in L.A. County

About 55% of patients hospitalized with H1N1 flu in L.A. County were Latino, 130 of 237 patients as of Aug. 3, the most recent data available from the county Department of Public Health. Of the total, 17% were white, 8% black and 4% Asian, records show.

Mun2 Deepens Sports Push

Bicultural Latino Net Kicks Off Saturday Night Soccer, News Programming In February

Buoyed by its coverage of a pair of Mexican national team World Cup qualifiers last year, bicultural Latino cable channel Mun2 is placing its boots more firmly in the sports arena.

The channel, the cable cousin of NBC Universal’s Spanish-language broadcast network Telemundo, next month will establish Mun2 Sports, a programming initiative aimed at meeting the interests of young Latino Americans.

“Sports is a huge passion point for YLAs,” said Telemundo chief operating officer Jacqueline Hernández. “Mun2 Sports will provide them with a new option in coverage for sports they love.”

In Colorado, Craving Reform of Health Care and Congress

DENVER — Donny Seyfer, the manager of an auto repair shop here, had high hopes when President Obama and Congress tackled health care as their top priority early last year.
“This is good,” Mr. Seyfer remembers thinking. He expected Congress to “find out what Americans wanted.” But, he said in an interview at his shop, the Congressional debate deteriorated into a partisan brawl, and Congress has virtually ignored his biggest concern: holding down health costs.


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