News Clips Jan 13, 2010

Many say U.S. race relations have improved under Obama, but divides remain

President Obama has ignited a surge of optimism among African Americans as they assess race relations and their prospects for the future, but the hope for reconciliation that accompanied the election of the nation’s first black president remains far off.

The first year of Obama’s presidency has brought the country face to face with troubling racial schisms just as often as it has promoted racial understanding.

New Survey: Hispanics Surpass Blacks as Most Frequent Targets of Discrimination

A new study indicates that blacks have become more upbeat since the election of President Obama, but for Hispanics the news isn’t as rosy.

Americans believe that Hispanics are now the most likely group to experience the sting of discrimination, according to the poll, released today by the Pew Research Center.

Hispanic PR Census Launched to Measure Hispanic PR Industry’s Size and Strength Leading to Historic Dallas National Conference

National call announced for all Hispanic PR pros to participate in industry’s first ever Hispanic PR Census

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 12 /PRNewswire/ — In an effort to measure the size and strength of the growing Hispanic public relations industry, the Hispanic Public Relations Association (HPRA) and the Hispanic PR Blog announced today the launch of a four-month national Hispanic PR Census initiative.

The Hispanic PR Census  seeks to count every marketing professional – Latino and non-Latino alike – who spends at least 30% of their time in U.S. Hispanic public relations and/or social marketing work in the U.S. and/or Puerto Rico.  The online form, which can be accessed directly at, consists of 10 simple questions that be filled out in two minutes.

Houston suburbs see Latino growth with census near

Signs of change clear in Conroe

CONROE — A strip center just east of downtown Conroe tells a story that’s likely to be reinforced by the outcome of this year’s U.S. Census.

Shops in the center include Jany’s Salon de Belleza (Jany’s Beauty Salon), Iglesia de Dios (Church of God), La Boutique de las Chicas con Estilo (the Boutique for Stylish Girls) and Alteraciones de Ann (Alterations by Ann).

A lone English-language sign, Hair Care by Tony, stands amid this profusion of Spanish.

Within a few blocks, Spanish-speaking Conroe residents can enjoy a meal, get a haircut or buy pastries in establishments where the employees and most customers share their native tongue. It’s one sign of the rapid Latino population growth on the outer fringes of the Houston metropolitan area, a trend that demographers say might become more apparent with results from the decennial census.

Dallas Hispanic leaders discuss ways to get full Latino count in U.S. Census

This morning, Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Pauline Medrano is getting together a few Hispanic leaders in the Dallas area to discuss ways to reach the city’s Hispanic community for the coming U.S. Census.

Medrano is vice chair of the census advisory committee and has been focused on counting hard to reach populations.

Colo. seeing more swine flu in Latinos, blacks

DENVER (AP) – Colorado health officials say they are seeing higher rates of swine flu among blacks and Latinos this flu season.

Chief medical officer Ned Calonge at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment says diabetes and asthma increase a person’s risk of complications from swine flu, and Colorado has high asthma and diabetes rates, especially among Latinos and blacks.

Activists Kick Off Push For Immigration Reform

NORCROSS, Ga. (AP) — Immigration activists in Georgia have
kicked off a week of activities to signal the start of a
concentrated push for immigration reform.

Leaders of several activist groups on Tuesday announced a  “week of action” to draw attention to immigration reform.

Activists file immigration initiative again

Proponents of stricter immigration rules have again filed an initiative to the people in Olympia, which demands the state ask for proof of citizenship for a person applying for a driver’s license.

The Associated Press

Proponents of stricter immigration rules have again filed an initiative to the people in Olympia, which demands the state ask for proof of citizenship for a person applying for a driver’s license.

The initiative also calls for the state to adopt E-Verify, a federal government program that checks a person’s work eligibility in the country.


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