News Clips Jan. 14,2010

Obama to speak on Haiti relief efforts this morning

President Obama will speak again this morning on Haitian earthquake relief efforts, the White House announced.

Obama received an extensive briefing last night from U.S. military and civilian officials who are coordinating massive rescue and re-building missions, the White House said in a statement.

Clinton: Too soon to estimate casualties in Haiti

WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Thursday the United States and the world must do everything possible to help Haiti surmount its “cycle of hope and despair.”

Appearing on morning network news shows after cutting short an overseas trip, Clinton said it’s still too early to make a firm estimate of the number of deaths in the wake of Tuesday’s devastating, 7.0 magnitude earthquake. But she said officials know that approximately 3 million people, including 45,000 Americans, have been affected and that “tens of thousands, we fear, are dead.”

Immigration reform advocates see inspiration in work of MLK, honored at naturalization events

NEW YORK (AP) — After almost nine years, Nigerian immigrant Emakoji Ayikoye is on the brink of becoming an American, just waiting to say the words of the citizenship oath.

But Thursday’s ceremony is weighted with more symbolism than usual for the 32-year-old college math teacher. It’s one of several being held nationwide in honor of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Another, on Friday in Atlanta, will feature a speech from his daughter Bernice King.,0,4209814.story

Rally urges reforms on immigration

Detroit — Immigrants from around the world poured into a church on the city’s southwest side Wednesday to rally for immigration reform.

They came with stories of battling government red tape and separation from loved ones because of the nation’s immigration laws.

The crowd, estimated at more than 600 by organizers, filled the sanctuary of St. Anne’s Church, many waving red, white and blue signs that read “Reform Immigration for America.”

Large crowd in Denver demands immigration reform in U.S.

DENVER – Some Coloradans are joining the rest of the nation in coming together to push for comprehensive immigration reform.

U.S. Senator Michael Bennet got an earful at one of four town hall meetings. He spoke at the largest event at Manual High School in Denver Wednesday.

About 1,000 people turned out to ask lawmakers to fix America’s immigration system, including an anonymous 17-year-old high school student.,0,4343759.story

Democrats’ Rocky Mountain high takes a tumble in Colorado

A year or so ago, the state looked like the party’s new base. Now Obama’s and other Democrats’ popularity is down, and Republicans are poised to regain what they lost.Reporting from Denver – It was less than 18 months ago that the Democratic Party declared this region its new base.

Barack Obama claimed the party’s presidential nomination at a football stadium here, in a state where Democrats had won the governorship, both houses of the state Legislature, and were about to pick up both U.S. Senate seats.,0,7631063.story

Hilda Solis: $150 Million Federal Grant for Green Jobs will Benefit Hispanics

U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis today announced a $150 million “Pathways out of Poverty” grant dedicated to providing green jobs and training to the disaffected and unemployed, such as the poor, high school dropouts and ex-criminal offenders.

The grants will help people learn skills such as creating parts for enormous wind turbines and installing solar panels.

Multiple media carry Census message to be counted

First, they’ll tell you the Census is coming. Then, they’ll tell you why filling out and mailing back the forms is a good thing. Finally, if you’ve ignored the first two, they’ll tell you to open your door to Census workers.

Today, the Census Bureau unveils a $133 million national advertising campaign that will debut at 9:15 p.m. ET Sunday during the Golden Globe Awards on NBC.


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