News Clips Jan. 20, 2010

Officials Hid Truth of Immigrant Deaths in Jail

Silence has long shrouded the men and women who die in the nation’s immigration jails. For years, they went uncounted and unnamed in the public record. Even in 2008, when The New York Times obtained and published a federal government list of such deaths, few facts were available about who these people were and how they died.

Lamm: Get tough on immigration

Wants proof of citizenship to board planes, get job, open bank account

Requiring people to prove their U.S. citizenship when getting a job, boarding an airplane or opening a bank account would drastically cut back on illegal immigration in the country, former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm said yesterday.

“I really think in a time of terrorism, that makes a lot of sense,” he said.

But not everyone is on board. Chandra Russo of the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, for one, thinks that the government should instead broadly legalize all undocumented immigrants in the country. A broad legalization would create more jobs and bring more revenue into the tax system and economy Ń approximately $1.5 trillion over several years Ń she said.

“When we ramp up enforcement, we don’t curb immigration; we just make it more dangerous,” she said.

Analysis: GOP sees Mass. win as stop sign for Dems

WASHINGTON — Reeling from the loss of a long-held Massachusetts Senate seat, Democrats are rethinking the lessons of Barack Obama’s 2008 election, with the GOP cheerfully suggesting they scale back their ambitions and agenda.

Republican Scott Brown’s win in a liberal state will do more than vastly complicate Obama’s bid to overhaul the U.S. health care system. It will send his party into a painful re-examination of voters’ anger and desires ahead of the November elections for Congress, governorships and state legislatures.

Advocacy Groups Clash Over Future of Health Bill

Liberal advocacy groups are insisting that Democrats must press forward with efforts to overhaul the nation’s health care system despite the election results in Massachusetts on Tuesday night, while conservative groups are arguing that Scott Brown’s victory is proof that the Democrats’ health care bill is flawed and should be scuttled.

Immigration rally on the Capitol steps

MADISON (WKOW) — Dozens of Madison-area high school and college students held an immigration rally on the steps of the state capitol Tuesday night.

The students started with a march down State Street chanting in support of immigration reform.

Public Opinion Snapshot: Public Continues to Back Comprehensive Immigration Reform

There’s no doubt the politics of immigration reform are very complicated and that getting a bill through Congress will not be easy. But it’s important to be clear that the public is quite supportive of immigration reform, especially reform that is comprehensive and does not simply focus on punitive measures. This has been true of the public for some time and a new Benenson Strategy Group poll for America’s Voice demonstrates that it is still true today.


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