News Clips Jan. 21, 2010

Push made to count Latinos in 2010 census

SACRAMENTO, CA — Forms for the 2010 U.S. Census will be mailed out in March and well in advance of that, there’s a push to make sure everyone returns those forms, particularly Latinos.

“Typically the Latino community is scared, especially if they’re undocumented,” said Diana Rodriguez of the Sacramento Latino Complete Count Committee. “They’ll typically mark ‘other’ or they’ll mark themselves as a different race.”

Ariz. Senate panel approves immigration bill

PHOENIX (AP) – An Arizona Senate panel has approved a sweeping bill to strengthen immigration enforcement.

The measure passed the Republican-controlled Public Safety and Human Services Committee Wednesday on a 4-3 party-line vote.

Program with Arpaio defended by top ICE official

A top U.S. immigration-enforcement official on Wednesday defended a federal program that lets local jail officials from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office check the immigration status of people booked into jail.

During a large protest on Saturday in Phoenix that drew 10,000 people, immigrant-rights advocates called on the Department of Homeland Security to end the program, saying some Valley police officers are engaging in racial profiling by arresting Latinos for minor crimes in order to check their immigration status during the booking process.

Latinos and the Political Earthquake in Massachusetts

There was that horrible earthquake that devastated Haiti. Last night, Massachusetts and the United States experienced a political earthquake that could be as in many ways as profound with the election of Republican Scott Brown over Democrat Martha Coakley to the U.S. Senate. And today is the first anniversary of the inauguration of President Barack Obama, which means that the Massachusetts debacle will be magnified by media assessments of the President’s first year.

Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson take heat on remarks

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh and televangelist Pat Robertson are being scolded for their comments in the immediate aftermath of an earthquake in Haiti that has killed tens of thousands, according to early estimates.

Critics from both the left and right are denouncing their remarks as insensitive to the disaster and attempts to score political points off human tragedy.

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In Latino Gardens, Vegetables, Good Health and Savings Flourish

SAN JOSE — At dawn, Maria Lupercio Alarcon wakens to the heady scent of onions and cilantro from her family’s first garden, outside her bedroom window.
The two-month-old vegetable garden, from which Mrs. Alarcon picks extravagant bursts of broccoli for breakfast with scrambled eggs, is both comforting and unfamiliar. It is one of 30 backyard vegetable gardens recently planted by a nonprofit group here called La Mesa Verde, or The Green Table, which makes house calls to help residents of the city’s low-income, predominantly Latino neighborhoods grow their own organic produce.

Sundance Festival is also a Latino showcase

Latino filmmakers will be showing their latest works at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.
his time around, Mexican-born actor Diego Luna makes his feature film directorial debut with “Abel,” the story of a young boy who becomes the head of his family after his father’s unexpected absence. The film, a production of Luna’s Canana Films, is premiering at Sundance and is set for a Mexican release later this year. Jose Maria Yazpik, Karina Gidi and Carlos Aragon star in “Abel,” which was written by Luna and Agusto Mendoza.,0,1437303.story

NFL to Blitz Latinos at Super Bowl

Major Push Centered Around Big Game in Miami

Not content with its place as the biggest U.S. sporting event of the year, the National Football League wants to make the Super Bowl the most-watched sports event among Hispanics.
The NFL is gearing up to launch a series of Latino-targeted marketing efforts around Feb. 7’s Super Bowl XLIV with music and sports events featuring Latin celebrities, and educational and informative programs at the grass-roots level. CBS will televise this year’s game from Miami’s Dolphin Stadium.

Emilio Estefan seeks to inspire Latinos with book

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) — At a Miami Dolphins team banquet last year, CEO Mike Dee turned to the team’s newest minority owner, music producer and mogul Emilio Estefan, and asked what he thought of the event.

Estefan didn’t miss a beat as he rattled off his critique: There was no Spanish-language media there. How could the team reach out to the community without ensuring the presence of some of South Florida’s most popular and powerful networks?

Within days, Estefan reached out to the Spanish-language media and had the Dolphins franchise producing bilingual press releases, Dee recalls.


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